4 thoughts on “ICDI Chapter 62

  1. Candle_00

    Hello admin. This is ur fan from Myanmar. I used to like the esport genre novels and ”i can do it” is my most favourite novel in2020. I have found it since from cp14 on going and still waiting and reading ur update every week. Finally i can’t stop my enthusiasm to share how lovely jian rong is and their heart warming moments with my local people. I’m dying to want for translating this to my mother language (burmese).I hope u would let me and undersatnd to me. I’m patiently waiting for ur kindness reply. Plz! Xie xie for ur precious time.

    On Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 1:34 PM Tiny Salt Translations wrote:

    > tiny salt posted: ” ICDI | Chapter 62 ” >


    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in ICDI, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the novel! As for the retranslation request, unfortunately as a team we’ve decided that we’re not completely comfortable with the idea of someone translating off of a translation. Personally, I think a lot of the nuances of the original text would be lost even more with a retranslation, since there are already parts of the text that I can’t fully capture when translating from Chinese to English.

      I hope you can understand!


  2. Jewl

    Waaaaaaaah!!! QAQ I just found this series yesterday and I’ve already caught up! I love them all! But RongRong is definitely the cutest most oblivious one ever 💜 and God Lu is so smooth lol I love it can’t wait to read more
    Thank you so much for your hard work, I love how smooth your translation is and the notes at the bottom are so helpful!

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