About Us

Welcome to Tiny Salt Translations! We’re an editor/translator team who goes by Wei and Yan. (for those who know chinese: 微 and 盐 hahaha tiny salt get it)

We are translating I Can Do It by Jiang Zi Bei, Panguan by Mu Su Li, and Inferior by Nature by Hui Nan Que.

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A note from Yan: While I do try to keep my translations as close as possible to the original text – in terms of nuance and tone – I also translate largely based off of the way I personally interpret the novel when I read it. This means that a lot of my translation won’t be word for word the same as the original text. Because of that, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of someone retranslating off of my translations, as my version of the novel is already one that I’m conveying through my own perspective. I hope this will shed some clarity on why I don’t allow retranslations! ^^

About the JJ situation: We will not be password-locking or taking down any of our translations for the time being. If anything changes in our stance, we will notify our discord first, so we recommend joining if you’re concerned about that! Thank you to those who have brought it to our attention!