New Novel + C1: Inferior by Nature by Hui Nan Que

BXXD | Chapter 1

Hi, it’s Yan πŸ™‚ This is a very long-awaited announcement for me! For various reasons, I’ve put off actually publishing my TL for BXXD (秉性下等) for months now. (Fun fact, the first google docs draft of this TL was created in April 2021.)

But I got a kick to my butt once I realized more people were actually picking up HNQ’s novels (which I am very happy about!!!). I got nervous someone would pick this up too, so here we are! lol

Inferior by Nature is a modern-day novel featuring a musician MC and an ML with a secret. It takes place predominantly in an organized crime setting, and it follows the MC (who was recently diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor) as he tries to atone for all the ways he thinks he wronged ML in high school. It’s written in first person POV, and there’s a lot of dog blood (HNQ’s specialty), drama, and angst :))

If you’ve read my translation of the GPI extra, you’ll know I’m a huge HNQ fan, so I’m very excited to officially pick up one of their novels. BXXD might not be everyone’s favorite! But it’s my favorite! That being said, please heed the content warnings – they’re there for a reason.

I do have some chapters translated already, but Panguan will still be my priority. BXXD is just going to be my indulgent little side project – updates will come when they come!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!