I Can Do It

Title: I Can Do It (我行让我来)

Author: Jiang Zi Bei (酱子贝)

Chapters: 134 + 3 extras + 7 side story chapters

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[No retranslations allowed, thank you.]

Summary: For a certain LoL competition, a certain online streamer famous for pissing people off was currently explaining and broadcasting it at the same time.

Streamer: This support, so trash.
Streamer: If that jungler was my teammate, I would already be idling at the fountain and playing piano for him by now.
Streamer: I recommend that this player go back and properly practice how to last hit.

Audience: What bullshit! If you’re any better, then you do it!
Streamer: I, your dad, really can do it.
Audience: Okokok 🙂 If you can do it then I’ll chop off my head so you can kick it.

A few months later, the LPL’s1 veteran pro team TTC announced a new mid laner. A boy with flashy blue hair appeared in front of the audience and played Zed to utter perfection, killing everyone he saw, causing all the female fans to begin toeing the line of infidelity.
During the MVP interview after the match, everyone held their breath and eagerly watched this newcomer.

Only to see the boy accept the microphone, smile and ask, “That water friend2 with the StarTV user ID ‘Suburb King 101,’ my team’s address is on the official website, when will you be mailing your head over?”


After a certain regular season match finished, the staff member went backstage to urge the team members to go onstage and conduct their interviews, only to see TTC’s new mid laner and jungler standing in the corner.

TTC’s number one ace · jungler daddy Road pressed their team’s new mid laner Soft against the wall. He lowered his eyes and asked slowly, “In the interview later, do you know what to do?”

That quick-tempered mid laner, who had solidified his image as a troll3 in the audience’s eyes the very first time he went on stage, was currently blushing completely red. “I know. I won’t curse at anyone… I definitely won’t curse at anyone.”

Lu Boyuan4 (gong) x Jian Rong5 (shou)

Translation Notes

  1. LPL: League of Legends Pro League, the top pro league for LoL in China. ^
  2. 水友: literally water friend, but used to refer to netizens commenting under the same post or the audience/fans of an online streamer (don’t really know an English equivalent, so I’ll leave it as water friends most of the time) ^
  3. 喷子: basically an internet troll or a hater ^
  4. 路/Road: The Lu in Lu Boyuan literally means road in Chinese, hence his LoL username. ^
  5. 茸/Rong: The Rong in Jian Rong’s name can mean soft and fluffy (especially of hair, which is fitting because Jian Rong’s hair is soft and fluffy, and so is Jian Rong deep inside). This could be why his LoL username is Soft, but it’s unclear. ^

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: TTC ་ Road
Chapter 2: Not arguing with a troll over what’s right and wrong.
Chapter 3: No way, you’re so trash.
Chapter 4: …Road is generous.
Chapter 5: Was Road the one on his livestream account?
Chapter 6: Are you copying Road?
Chapter 7: I was the one playing in that match.
Chapter 8: Does it hurt?
Chapter 9: I’m begging Road, please look at this dumbass son of mine!
Chapter 10: Come onto me.
Chapter 11: Right now, I’m his jungler.
Chapter 12: This bluenette troll! Is actually a minor whose hair hasn’t even all grown in!
Chapter 13: [Seeking Employment]
Chapter 14: Rebellious stage.
Chapter 15: I’ve definitely seen this LeBlanc before!
Chapter 16: Little teacup pig.
Chapter 17: Son, don’t be a bootlicker again in the next life, okay?
Chapter 18: Good boy.
Chapter 19: You’re the person that I recommended in.
Chapter 20: Practice match.
Chapter 21: Congrats in advance to TTC for joyously finishing in S11’s Top 16.
Chapter 22: I’ll leave climbing to Diamond 1 in your hands then.
Chapter 23: Whoosh~
Chapter 24: So it turns out that the dumbass was me.
Chapter 25: Those are the freaking hands that have held countless trophies before.
Chapter 26: TTC Weibo’s formal announcement.
Chapter 27: I will do my best to prove myself, thanks for the support (post this three minutes later)
Chapter 28: Stalker.
Chapter 29: Even with ten more matches you’d still lose.
Chapter 30: How come you haven’t been asking to duo queue with me lately?
Chapter 31: Want to play against the practice match champion team.
Chapter 32: “Dumbass.”
Chapter 33: [If you beat Doufu you’re the boss, if you lose then don’t bother Dad and get lost.]
Chapter 34: May I ask when you’ll be mailing your head over?
Chapter 35: 174.1
Chapter 36: Team friendship.
Chapter 37: I feel like our current mid laner is already pretty… good.
Chapter 38: Belonging to LPL’s #1 Troll Soft.
Chapter 39: Men can also date men.
Chapter 40: Everyone wait, let me ask @TTC ་ Road.
Chapter 41: …the way you speak is too disgusting. Scram.
Chapter 42: ‘Road can only queue with me, idle onlookers quickly get lost’
Chapter 43: If that isn’t gay, then it would be really hard to accept.
Chapter 44: I can’t beat him.
Chapter 45: Have we met before?
Chapter 46: You’re even worse at feigning sleep than you are at pretending like you can’t beat your opponent.
Chapter 47: I’ve already received your warm greetings. I also wish you a delightful New Year, full of daily happiness.
Chapter 48: I’ve missed you all, old pals, let’s chat. [hug]
Chapter 49: You’re not allowed to lift your skirt again.
Chapter 50: Didn’t I already act spoiled? I’m even wearing his clothes…
Chapter 51: You’re eighteen today, you can have whatever you want.
Chapter 52: You’re all grown up now.
Chapter 53: You left your stockings in my jacket.
Chapter 54: Excuse me, how do you say “scram for laozi” in Korean?
Chapter 55: “Stand up, leave the stage first.”
Chapter 56: The god in every meta.
Chapter 57: No way no way, there’s still someone who doesn’t have God Lu’s championship skin??
Chapter 58: Is the little dumbass trying to pull a skin? No, he’s pulling Road’s heart!
Chapter 59: Am I the parent or the child?
Chapter 60: Excuse me, are you the world-renowned Sichuan opera face-changing master, Soft?
Chapter 61: I hit someone, you cursed at someone, we’ll each be penalized ten thousand yuan.
Chapter 62: Soft definitely likes Road!
Chapter 63: You ganked my ADC so many times, what did I ever do to you?
Chapter 64: .
Chapter 65: As long as he didn’t act awkward, Lu Boyuan would be the one to feel awkward.
Chapter 66: I just like to pay fines.
Chapter 67: I don’t have any girls that I like.
Chapter 68: It’s very normal to date.
Chapter 69: There was something wrong with his thoughts.
Chapter 70: You can try having that meaning.
Chapter 71: The boss crooked his finger and came to aid the poor esports circle.
Chapter 72: Jian Rong had an impulsive temper and spoke harshly.
Chapter 73: !
Chapter 74: .
Chapter 75: TTCvsPUD
Chapter 76: TTCvsPUD
Chapter 77: Someone in the team is a picky eater.
Chapter 78: I thought I was coaxing you.
Chapter 79: “No butterflies challenge, esports male gods version”
Chapter 80: Little Orange is so blessed to have two dads.
Chapter 81: Do you have a guy that you like?
Chapter 82: I like you.
Chapter 83: .
Chapter 84: Yes, they were dating.
Chapter 85: These are Road’s exclusive runes.
Chapter 86: Too bad my son only dates in the workplace and not online.
Chapter 87: Jian Rong tasted the flavor of orange candy.
Chapter 88: .
Chapter 89: Hurry up and take your mid laner away.
Chapter 90: #Soft’s stream was arrested by Road#
Chapter 91: The second ointment is more effective.
Chapter 92: .
Chapter 93: .
Chapter 94: I’m saving it so the person I like can spend it.
Chapter 95: Shut up, trash.
Chapter 96: Jian Rong felt like he was about to leave the earth.
Chapter 97: ?
Chapter 98: ?
Chapter 99: My partner is managing my WeChat.
Chapter 100: Wasn’t I being quite stingy back then?
Chapter 101: Flamers are so easy to please.
Chapter 102: .
Chapter 103: Penta kill.
Chapter 104: Diehard point grubber.
Chapter 105: But I like you, and I don’t think that you’re cute.
Chapter 106: .
Chapter 107: It’s fine as long as I like it.
Chapter 108: Normally people wouldn’t act like this, right??
Chapter 109: Pre-game trash talk.
Chapter 110: Online dating combo meal.
Chapter 111: To help boost your energy.
Chapter 112: After the match, you can send me shampoo for two days (?)
Chapter 113: Our first championship win.
Chapter 114: .
Chapter 115: Eating vinegar.
Chapter 116: I, Zhuang Yibai, have never been so speechless in my twenty-plus years of life.
Chapter 117: .
Chapter 118: .
Chapter 119: When we’re dating, we definitely can’t be outdone by the other person
Chapter 120: Mind your own business, I’m your dad—Soft
Chapter 121: I really should learn from TTC in all respects!
Chapter 122: A dog barking because of its master’s power.
Chapter 123: I’ve already forgotten what you looked like sitting in the fountain four years ago.
Chapter 124: Group stage match, first win.
Chapter 125: Chronobreak.
Chapter 126: Isn’t your mid laner a little too arrogant.
Chapter 127: Watch gege carry you to victory.
Chapter 128: [Daddy’s here, play well]
Chapter 129: Trash.
Chapter 130: This is the vanishing health bar technique!
Chapter 131: Do you need to pause?
Chapter 132: 3:0
Chapter 133: My solo kill today… was it handsome.
Chapter 134: Stay true to yourself.
Extra 1: Bitter tea
Extra 2: I know. I won’t curse at anyone… I definitely won’t curse at anyone.
Extra 3: (Side CP – P-Bai) Shouldn’t a young person like you have a lot of body heat?
Extra 4: (Side CP – P-Bai) Hahahahahahaha! Your ADC doesn’t want you anymore!
Extra 5: (Side CP – P-Bai) Don’t sell rot on purpose anymore.
Extra 6: (Side CP – P-Bai) “Jiang Yusong, you’re not human.”
Extra 7: (Side CP – P-Bai) Dumbass.
Extra 8: (Side CP – P-Bai) I like you.
Extra 9: (Side CP – P-Bai) Someone else come be TTC’s manager, laozi quits.
Extra 10: Come in, it’s cold out there.

16 thoughts on “I Can Do It

  1. gamelli

    Hi Tiny Salt,
    I’m Gamelli. I was just reading a part of “I Can Do It” and felt that the story was so cute that it made me interested and curious about the continuation of their meeting. So, I’m here to ask your permission to re-translate into Indonesian and post it on global.foxaholic, if you don’t mind. Of course I will add a link for your translation.
    Thank you for your attention and I’ll be waiting for your reply ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in ICDI, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the novel! As for the retranslation request, after some consideration, as a team we’ve decided that we’re not completely comfortable with the idea of someone translating off of a translation. Personally, I think a lot of the nuances of the original text would be lost even more with a retranslation, since there are already parts of the text that I can’t fully capture when translating from Chinese to English.

      I hope you can understand!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. gamelli

        Ah, so it’s like that. I understand your decision. Then, I’ll just be looking forward to your next updates. Thank you for the answers and I really enjoy your translation ^^

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Starfishuuu

    AHHHHH I just found this and so so so excited to see this novel being translated!!! 🥳🥳🥳 I love this universe, especially How to Fail at Online Dating, which was just absolutely hilarious 😂 😆 🤣
    Thank you in advance for all your hard work translating! (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 16Wishes

      I love this novel and I absolutely adore your amazing translating. The extra explanations and images you linked to the words are soooo helpful and made the story 10x richer as well! I found this story last month and this became a cheer-me-up during my finals, so thank you so much for being a source of happiness to a tired uni student hehe
      I hope you can stick to the story until the end, I’ll be looking forward to all of your next posts!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Vera

    Finally caught up after binge reading for a weekend!… This novel is sooo god and the translation is top notch too. Thanks for translating and sharing with us, I can only imagine all the hard work required for translating the novel into such an easy reading. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
    Also, I love your site, it’s so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ana

    I am extremely grateful for all the hard work you have gone into translating this novel. It was my first time reading a novel and I loved it immensely! The story is wonderful, well written, with well-crafted characters and a lot of really fun secondary characters. Thanks! Thank you really. I’m a manga translator to portuguese and I know how tiring and laborious translation can be, I can’t imagine how many pages this whole story went. Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude and as soon as I can I’ll give you a kofi!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Stephen Sky_UwU_

    thanks a lot for the translation. bow for you. this novella is beautiful, I gladly put it into my heart. While reading, I experienced many different emotions and it’s wonderful. Thank you very much for the work you have done. I will reread it over and over again. If I were immortal, I would read this novel all the time. love is beautiful in all its manifestations, and Xiao Rong and God Lu are beautiful, I will miss them.


  6. Kisa

    Thank you so so much for the beautiful translation!
    I really enjoyed this novel, I’m sad to see it end… I’ll definetely re-read it in the future!
    Soft x Road~~


  7. I’ve already written a review for this novel over at Twitter, but I felt compelled to drop something here to express my appreciation. Thanks so much for your hard work! And I reiterate from my thread: humor isn’t always easy to translate, especially when punchlines are tied to niche cultural and linguistic contexts. “I Can Do It” in English triumphing to speak in the universal “language of funny” is no easy feat.

    Thanks so much for bringing us this story the best way you can 🙂


  8. Aditi

    Thank you for translating this novel.. This is my favourite novel and i have already read it 2 times and coming back to read again. Thank you for your hard work.


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