ICDI Chapter 106: .

Minor NSFW in first half of the chapter!

Xiao Bai felt like his head was about to explode, and his stomach wasn’t feeling very good either. As a self-acknowledged little fatty, he instinctively thought that it was because he was hungry.

Xiao Bai slumped against Jian Rong’s door and knocked on it for quite a while. Because he didn’t get a response, he kept mumbling unceasingly away—

“Jian Rong ah—

“Rong~ are you there~

“God Jian? Open your door.

“The world’s number one Cassiopeia? Pay some attention to me.

“Do you want to eat breakfast or not?”

Two doors opened nearby, and Yuan Qian poked his head out of his room first. He was currently on the phone with his girlfriend, Youyou, and after she said something on the other end, he instantly straightened up and explained, “What woman? How could I possibly bring a woman back to the base and let her sleep here! Wouldn’t Ding-ge murder me if he found out?! Of course, I don’t have any other women… 

“That’s Xiao Bai’s voice, can’t you tell? It sounds girly? This is how his voice normally sounds, okay… I’ll get closer so you can listen to it. He’s probably drunk, me? I’m definitely not, you were sitting right next to me, I would hardly dare to drink a lot…”

Pine leaned against his door, watching Zhuang Yibai throw a drunken fit. He had just finished showering, so he was still a little damp, and he was only wearing a pair of long pants with a towel draped around his neck. Upon hearing the noise outside, he had come out to take a look only because he thought that Jian Rong would finally snap and beat up Xiao Bai.

“Even if you don’t wanna eat, you still shouldn’t ignore me, right? You’re the world’s best Cassiopeia, you gotta have some manners.” Xiao Bai’s entire face was pressed against Jian Rong’s door, and he turned his head slowly to the side. It took him a few seconds to recognize the person standing nearby, but then he called out softly, “P-baby, hic—”

Pine watched him and asked, “What are you throwing a fit for?”

With reddened eyes, Xiao Bai said in a small voice, “…I don’t feel very good, P-baby.”

Pine looked at him for a long moment before he let out a deep sigh. As he went over to Xiao Bai to support him, he said calmly, “Who told you to drink so much?”

Xiao Bai bent over a bit, causing his hair to rub vigorously against Pine’s neck. “Wu, can you not hold me there underneath my armpit, it’s so ticklish.”

Pine froze. “…don’t wrap your arm so tightly around my neck.”

The hot and cold conversation trickled in intermittently from outside the door. In the middle, there were a few more thuds as someone accidentally bumped into a door, before everything fell back into silence at last.

Jian Rong’s legs were bent, and the bottom of his shirt was tugged up to his chest. His skin was scaldingly red.

His fingers were tangled in Lu Boyuan’s hair, but since he was afraid of hurting Lu Boyuan, he didn’t dare to use force. His other hand clutched Lu Boyuan’s pillow and used it to cover his face, as if that way he wouldn’t be able to hear the noises coming in from outside.

His pulse throbbed in his throat. After covering his eyes, the only thing left in his world was Lu Boyuan. The pillow was covered with Lu Boyuan’s scent, and Lu Boyuan was breathing quite heavily through his nose. Whenever the bandages on his hand occasionally brushed against Jian Rong, he would let out a low, muffled grunt from beneath the pillow.

A moment later, Jian Rong’s legs tensed uncontrollably, and he unconsciously arched his waist slightly. In a flash of panic, he wanted to push Lu Boyuan away, but he wasn’t successful. Instead, Lu Boyuan gripped his wrist and held it in place—

After a long while, Jian Rong finally realized that he was forcefully pressing his ankles into Lu Boyuan’s back.

He frantically relaxed his legs as he tossed aside the pillow and sat up halfway. He started to ask Lu Boyuan if he had hurt him.

Then, he saw Lu Boyuan pull out a tissue from nearby before he lowered his head and wiped his mouth with it.

Jian Rong was dumbfounded. His entire face was hot, but he didn’t know what to say. A few seconds passed before he swiftly went to get a few more tissues, wanting to help Lu Boyuan wipe his mouth. With his hand halfway through the air, he was stopped again by Lu Boyuan.

Jian Rong’s eyes were very glassy, and his face was red too. Anyone who saw him would know exactly what he was just doing.

Lu Boyuan pressed Jian Rong’s hand down to the side as he tilted his head and leaned in.

Lu Boyuan asked him lowly, “Are you satisfied with your reward?”


When their lips were about to touch, Lu Boyuan paused before shifting downwards to kiss his chin instead. But then Jian Rong directly threw his arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth.

It was a charged and passionate kiss.

After kissing for some time, Lu Boyuan got up to brush his teeth. Lying on the bed, Jian Rong’s entire head was full of—

Did I deserve that.

That felt so good.

Should I start working out, every time I’m so weak that I’m no match for my boyfriend, isn’t that kinda bad?

That felt so good.

Zhuang Yibai really is a dumbass.

That felt so good.

In the first place, Lu Boyuan being his partner was already enough to end him, and then he had to go and do it this way too.

Jian Rong closed his eyes and rubbed them vigorously. His lower back was still a little numb. He picked up his phone, wanting to extend his greetings to Xiao Bai in the group chat, but when he looked up and saw the time, he suddenly felt like something wasn’t quite right—

Wasn’t Lu Boyuan in the bathroom for too long?

The buzzing of the electric toothbrush had stopped a while ago. At that moment, the bathroom was extremely quiet, with almost no sound coming from it.

Jian Rong’s brain worked extremely fast. After he realized what was going on, he stared at the ceiling for a little before he abandoned his phone and jumped off the bed to knock on the bathroom door.

It took approximately four or five seconds for Lu Boyuan to respond to him. “What’s wrong.”

His voice was deep and low, carrying an echo from the bathroom.

Jian Rong said, “I need to use the toilet.”

“…” The bathroom went silent for a while again. “One moment.”

“Right now.” Jian Rong leaned against the wall next to the bathroom door. “It’s urgent, super urgent, I can’t hold it in any longer.”

Lu Boyuan said, “Then go back to your room first.”

Jian Rong replied instantly, “No way, I can’t walk.”

Several seconds later, the brief sound of rushing water came from inside.

Lu Boyuan washed his hands and pushed open the door. “Go ahead.”

He was about to walk away when Jian Rong reached out and hugged him. He scooted closer and sniffed at Lu Boyuan’s mouth; the peppermint smell was back.

Before Lu Boyuan could say anything, Jian Rong inclined his head to the side and buried his face in the curve of Lu Boyuan’s neck. Then he kissed Lu Boyuan’s Adam’s apple.

They were nearly pressed completely against each other.

Jian Rong said, “You’re poking me, boyfriend.”

As soon as he said that, he felt Lu Boyuan’s throat bob.

Jian Rong continued, “I know how to do it too, I’ll help you.”

Lu Boyuan kneaded his neck. A long pause later, he asked huskily, “…what do you know how to do?”

“I pick up things very quickly.” Jian Rong cast his eyes downward and added, “Everything you did, I know how to do now.”

Immediately, Lu Boyuan pressed a hand against his forehead and half-forced him to lift his head.

There wasn’t any resistance or reluctance on Jian Rong’s face. He was simply a hot-blooded young man who had just started dating and wanted to do all sorts of things with his lover.

Which was why Jian Rong didn’t avoid him. Instead, he stared into Lu Boyuan’s eyes and asked, “Do you prefer standing or lying down?”

—in order to sound a bit more manly, he voiced it in the same manner as if he were asking, “Do you prefer Lee Sin or do you prefer Graves?

Lu Boyuan didn’t pick either option.

He sat the head of his bed, his hand half-curled as he twirled Jian Rong’s hair between his fingertips. Once in a while, he would pinch Jian Rong’s ear.

Jian Rong was actually lying earlier; like hell he knew how to do anything. Throughout the entire process, he had kept his face buried in the pillow like an ostrich. He hadn’t even looked at a single strand of hair on Lu Boyuan’s head, so what did he know?

Lu Boyuan still ended up having to teach him.

“Don’t rush.


A long time later: “Sore? Rest for a while.”

For the sake of doting on his boyfriend, Jian Rong threw himself into the pit.

After rinsing his mouth, Jian Rong sprawled out across the bed, exhausted. While sitting and answering texts, Lu Boyuan massaged Jian Rong’s jaw with his free hand, wanting to help him relax a little. As he kneaded away, he lowered his head to kiss him again.

Once the peck of a kiss finished, Jian Rong asked faintly, “What time is it?”

Lu Boyuan: “Two-thirty.”

Jian Rong: “…”

Jian Rong shot upright and ruffled his hair before he said indistinctly, “I’ll go back to my room to sleep.”

Lu Boyuan grabbed onto his shirt as he set down his phone. “Sleep over here tonight?”

Startled, Jian Rong blurted out, “If we’re seen…”

Lu Boyuan said, “It’s hardly that easy to run into someone.”

Jian Rong blinked. It was true that he very rarely encountered his teammates when he got up. After all, they didn’t have a fixed time by which they had to log on…

Lu Boyuan said, “After we wake up, we can go down to practice together.”

Jian Rong frowned. “You aren’t allowed to use your hand until the day after tomorrow.”

Lu Boyuan nodded and said, “Then I’ll sit next to you and watch you play.”

Jian Rong: “…”

“Your shirt is wet.” Lu Boyuan asked, “I can give you one of mine?”

Jian Rong turned his head. He hesitated and internally debated for a few seconds before he finally said, “…pick one with short sleeves.”

Jian Rong was actually quite tired today. He had played in a BO5 match, eaten a celebratory feast, received a reward, and then doted on his boyfriend.

The air conditioning was on in Lu Boyuan’s room. He changed into Lu Boyuan’s clothing and instantly closed his eyes after getting under the blanket.

Upon hearing the sound of his own livestream replay, Jian Rong murmured quietly, “Why’re you still watching it.”

Lu Boyuan played with his hair. “It’s the last five minutes, I’ll turn it off once I’m done.”

Jian Rong mumbled, “That’s not it… I didn’t think you were being loud.”

After doing some very intimate things together, Jian Rong had mostly given up on bothering anymore.

Rather than letting those water friends cause trouble later by embellishing and making up details, it would be better for Lu Boyuan to watch it himself.

In any case, this was just the kind of person he was. Before, he had an irritable temper and liked to flame others, and he was no different now. The only change was that his profanity had lessened a little, but he still didn’t have a particularly nice temperament.

Lu Boyuan continued to sit on the bed, with Jian Rong sleeping at his side. They shared the same body temperature.

Seeing the little black-haired Jian Rong on the screen pull up a game replay from many years ago while chewing on a steamed bun, Lu Boyuan’s heart went soft and aching. He lowered his gaze, wanting to say something, only to discover that Jian Rong had already fallen asleep.

Jian Rong’s mouth fell slightly open in his slumber. His lips were still a bit red, and his forehead was pressed against the side of Lu Boyuan’s leg.

Lu Boyuan turned off his phone and laid down next to him. Then, he reached out and gently drew Jian Rong into his embrace.

The next day, when Jian Rong woke up, Lu Boyuan was already on his phone.

Jian Rong half-narrowed his eyes before he shut them for a while longer, until both of their phones chimed simultaneously.

[Ding-ge: What’s going on, huh? Is the entire base empty? It’s almost two PM and not a single person is out of bed yet?! Aren’t you guys slacking off a little too much???]

[Yuan Qian: I ended up chatting late with Youyou last night… I’m up, I’ll come down as soon as I brush my teeth.]

[Ding-ge: I asked Auntie to make breakfast, after you’re done brushing your teeth go and knock on the other members’ doors too. I have to go out to take care of something.]

[Yuan Qian: OK.]

At that point, Jian Rong sat bolt upright in bed. He gathered up his clothing in a fluster and got ready to head back to his own room.

Lu Boyuan looked at him from behind, as that strong feeling of having a secret love affair bubbled up again. He laughed and said lazily, “The shampoo.”

Jian Rong’s footsteps paused for a moment before he doubled back and picked up his shampoo. “I’m going back now.”

“Mn.” Lu Boyuan said, “Let me know when you’re done washing up.”

As Jian Rong opened the door, he turned his head back to reply with an “en.” When he faced forward again, he met Xiao Bai’s gaze.

Xiao Bai came out from Pine’s room, looking like he was hungover. Halfway through a yawn, he spotted Jian Rong and ended up swallowing the yawn back down.

Jian Rong: “………”

Xiao Bai: “………”

They stared quietly at each other for a while.

Jian Rong was only stunned for a second before he immediately questioned preemptively, remaining calm in the face of danger, “Why are you coming out from Pine’s room?”

“I got drunk last night, so he was taking care of me…” Xiao Bai stopped and finally sensed that something was off. He frowned and asked, “No, shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?! How come you’re leaving my ge’s room?”

Jian Rong lifted the object in his hand and said, “He’s out of shampoo. I went to give him some.”

Xiao Bai looked up. “Why’s your hair so messy?”

Jian Rong lifted an eyebrow. “I didn’t brush it after I woke up, got a problem?”

Xiao Bai kept pressing the issue. “…then how come you’re wearing my ge’s shirt?”

Jian Rong continued to make up lies. “I happened to go in just as he was washing his hair, so my shirt got wet.”

Xiao Bai blinked. “But your own room is only a few steps away.”

Jian Rong: “…”

Jian Rong lowered his eyelids, his expression extremely dark. “I was pissed about getting drenched, so I made him compensate me with a shirt, is that not allowed?!”

After he said that, Jian Rong heard the person inside the room chuckle. Jian Rong turned his head. “Don’t you laugh!”

Lu Boyuan nodded and tousled Jian Rong’s hair on his way into the bathroom. “I won’t laugh.”

Xiao Bai still felt like something wasn’t right, but he didn’t have the guts to keep asking questions. “Fine, my ge really is too much. You went to give him shampoo out of the kindness of your heart, and he even got you dirty, how is one shirt enough compensation? In any case, my ge has money, you tell him to compensate you with two shirts!”

Lu Boyuan, who had been eavesdropping for some time in the bathroom, responded with a “sure.” There was a trace of smile in his voice.

Jian Rong felt like he must be a dumbass to stand here and bicker with Zhuang Yibai for so long. Carrying his clothes, he strode back into his own room.

After breakfast, Jian Rong only found out that his name had gotten on the Weibo hot search last night when he started streaming and read the barrage.

His 1v5 outplay yesterday had been clipped into a video by a certain big esports account, and Savior, Kongkong, and many other pro players had reposted the video. All their captions were, without exception, things like “strong” and “GOAT1.” By now, the post had already been forwarded 30,000 times.

Lu Boyuan had also forwarded it. His accompanying caption was a simple “my mid laner.”

Jian Rong’s heart swelled when he saw that. He locked his phone and once again wore an extremely haughty expression.

He said to the barrage, “No need to say anything else, all you have to do is spam ‘badass.’

“Fighting Tiger did make mistakes in that wave, but does that negate the fact that your dad is super strong?

“Scripts? Yes, I was scripting. Not only was I scripting, I’ve been hacking the LPL… all the competitive leagues… this entire game.”

The barrage was densely packed, and for once, it was filled with compliments. Jian Rong answered whatever comment he was able to read.

Suddenly, a comment that seemed particularly out of place slid across the screen—

[Ahhhhhhh, twenty seconds ago I saw a rumor on Weibo that Road has a partner now, is it real?!!!]

Right as that comment was posted, many more instantly followed suit—

[What kinda nonsense is that? I don’t believe it!!!]

[How is that possible? Though it’s normal for Road to date at his age, he’s in practice every day, and he’s had a pretty serious hand injury lately too. He probably even has to cram in the time to recover, where would he get the energy to date from.]

[My husband didn’t play in one single match. Those gossip accounts, don’t stir up drama about him, if you don’t mind.]

[Ahhh then does that mean I still have a chance T-T?! I already bought tickets for the finals, I wanna sneak backstage and forcefully kiss my husband—]

[I don’t believe it.]

Jian Rong shot a glance towards the door.

Ding-ge had whisked Lu Boyuan away to discuss business, so he wasn’t here yet.

“You don’t have a choice but to believe it,” he said.

Amidst the countless question marks in the barrage, Jian Rong said, “He does have a partner now.”

He opened the game. Two seconds later, he added, “His partner doesn’t have a good temper, so to the person who just said you were going to forcefully kiss him… you better be careful.”

The author has something to say:

He really doesn’t have a good temper, okay.

Translation Notes

  1. Obviously they don’t actually say GOAT here (abbreviation for greatest of all time) but it was a slang in Chinese that basically meant the same thing. Kudos to Wei for remembering this phrase existed lmao ^

Yan: Lol so this is the first of the censored chapters and probably one of the ones that she had to censor the most? I exercised many translator liberties here and cobbled together this chapter from the updated version in jjwxc and the original pre-censored version. As a result… this frankenstein chapter was born. But I figured people would probably want the horny bonk so here we are, you’re welcome.

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