ICDI Chapter 50: Didn’t I already act spoiled? I’m even wearing his clothes…

Half a minute after Lu Boyuan walked out of the practice room, Jian Rong was still staring down at his skirt.

This skirt… wasn’t that bad, right?

At first, Jian Rong had still been somewhat resistant, all the way up until Ding-ge came back and showed him the clothes—in Jian Rong’s eyes, this so-called “sailor outfit” just consisted of a normal short-sleeved white shirt and a skirt that almost reached his knees. It was even longer than the shorts that he wore at home in the summer.

He had felt uncomfortable when putting on the makeup, but only because he was ticklish. There had been a few moments where he wanted to turn his face away and leave while they were drawing his eyeliner.

A few seconds later, Jian Rong tugged up the skirt hem and glanced at the place where Lu Boyuan’s fingertips had just slid across.

The area kept prickling periodically, making him think that the skin had broken. In reality, there wasn’t even a trace of red left behind.

Although the webcam only showed his upper body, his hand movement was enough for other people to know what he was doing.

[Damn are you a pervert! Why do you keep looking underneath your skirt!!]

Jian Rong straightened out the hem of the skirt and sat properly again. “How can you be a pervert if you’re looking at yourself? Do you not shower normally?”


[Let me see too, Mom’s already tired of saying that.]

[Is there anything that us dads, who send you gifts, can’t see??]

[God Lu, how come you won’t stream but you’re willing to duo Q with Soft instead? In any case you’ll still be playing the game, can’t you just stream too!]

[Came in through the homepage recommendations… how come there are so many people watching this female streamer? Her chest is so flat ah, but the collarbones are quite nice. Can you tug your collar down a bit more?]

[Tug your mom, dumbass vulgar man scram.]

[Stop wasting time, dumbass darling hurry up and act spoiled.]

[Yeah, the agreement was to act spoiled, but the moment you come up you fucking call yourself Dad?]

[Is this the legendary dad-type loli?]

Jian Rong was in the habit of sitting cross-legged when chatting with water friends. He had just brought up one leg when he remembered what Lu Boyuan said… and he silently put it down again. “Acting spoiled? Who said I was going to act spoiled with you all.”

[Shit, wretched daughter is going back on her words!]

[Where to file a report? TTC management, can you come out and take care of things?!]

[The Soft dad above, did you not see the Weibo marketing post he sent out today? This dumbass is indeed not going to act spoiled with us :)]

[Who looks at that crap, after I opened a side account and voted that was the end of it.]

Never mind the water friends, not even Jian Rong himself had seen those marketing posts. Right after he woke up, he had been snatched away to put on makeup and try on the clothes. Ding-ge had been the one to send out the marketing posts on Weibo using Jian Rong’s phone.

Jian Rong chewed on his milk straw and easily pulled up the webpage to check it out—

[TTC ་ Soft: Hello everyone, I’m TTC’s mid laner Soft [cute]! Thank you for everyone’s passionate voting these past two days, I will be streaming while crossdressing on StarTV at 3 PM on February 15th~ @TTC ་ Road Captain, are you ready to receive my spoiled act TAT. Stream link: …]

Jian Rong nearly spat out his mouthful of milk.

[Hahahahahaha goddamn]

[??? You got a problem? Road is already giving you a lot of face by willingly playing along with the marketing and duo Q’ing with you, OK? Not being satisfied with that and wanting more is a little bit too much, isn’t it?]

[I feel like what God Lu’s fan said is right, dumbass son don’t stick to God Lu, you’re really making Dad lose a lot of face by acting like this hah]

[Damn, after raising a daughter for so long, now she’s going to act spoiled with someone else? But I’m actually a bit excited to see what will happen…]

Jian Rong ignored them and directly called Ding-ge. Ding-ge was just in the living room clutching his laptop and watching the stream, so he answered extremely quickly.

Jian Rong grinded his teeth. “The Weibo you posted… why is it like that?!”

Ding-ge cleared his throat. “Originally I wanted to write it while copying your usual style, but your style isn’t very easy to imitate… so I gave up. It’s fine, your fans will know that someone else posted that Weibo for you at first glance.”

Because he was already wearing headphones, Jian Rong had the phone call on speaker.

[Let me clarify something, he doesn’t have fans, everyone here is his dad. Those who agree, say it’s true.]

[It’s true.]

[It’s true.]

[Road fans, don’t be impatient, everything is first come first served. In a bit when he acts spoiled with God Lu, you all can curse him out first, alright?]

Ding-ge added: “Also, about streaming, I already briefed Xiao Lu. He agreed to cooperate with you, so just stream however you’d like, no pressure.”

“…got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Jian Rong subconsciously went to clutch at his hair, but he ended up touching the fluffy rabbit ears on his head instead.

“…” He withdrew his hand, opened the game, and stiffly switched the topic. “Thank you ‘Dumbass 215 Happy Birthday’ for your Sea of Stars, thank you ‘TTC Xiao Bai (Can You Carry Me In Duo Q)’ for your Sea of Stars, I can’t. Thank you ‘TTC Hezi’ for your gift, stop sending them, your signing bonus is how little again? Thank you ‘YY Doufu’… I take it back, I’m not thanking that one.”

[TTC ་ Xiao Bai (Can You Carry Me In Duo Q): Oh :(]

[TTC ་ Hezi: …]

[YY-Doufu: ?]

[Hahahaha where’s that friendship between teammates? The friendship between teams??]

It took Jian Rong five minutes just to express all his thanks for the gifts. He took a sip of water to recuperate a little. “The friendship between teammates is unstable, the friendship between teams is just to trick you all. Why did Doufu send me a gift? How should I know? It’s not like I kicked him out of the stream, ask him yourself.”

After getting his revenge for being purposefully ignored last time in Doufu’s stream, Jian Rong pulled up a certain famous video streaming website.

[What? Loafing on the job? Reported.]

Jian Rong ignored the barrage’s threat to report him and typed into the search bar: [LPL crossdressing].

Instantly, countless search results popped up on the screen.

Crossdressing while streaming wasn’t all that rare; if not half, then at least a third of all professional players had worn skirts before.

Instantly, innumerable “?” flew past the barrage, including a few agitated “fuck offs” from some implicated crossdressing parties.

The room mods didn’t dare to block professional players, so Jian Rong bestowed a grand five minute speaking ban banquet on those who used profanity. After that, he finally leisurely clicked on the videos one by one. “I’m not loafing on the job. Don’t you want to see me act spoiled? Dad doesn’t know how, so I have no choice but to learn from some other people’s experiences… wait a minute, let me see who shared my streaming poll.”

Xiao Bai was first on the list.

Right after the video started, Xiao Bai continuously batted his eyes at the camera, wearing a black lace spaghetti strap dress. He pitched his voice high and said, “You’ll send a Little Star if I call you gege? Gege~ gege~ this one wants a Little Star~~”

This was Jian Rong’s first time seeing this kind of scene, and he only snapped out of it after Pine smashed him two Sea of Stars.

“My apologies, didn’t mean to offend.” Jian Rong closed the video. “Don’t report me, the person in this video has a livestream room, go and report him there.”

Kongkong was next.

Kongkong was also wearing a sailor outfit, but he had on cat ears instead. At the start of the video, he held up his hand next to his face and meowed. While playing the game, he constantly cheered on and encouraged his teammates, sending messages like “gege plays so well,” “gege don’t be discouraged,” “wah gege gave me the blue buff~” at the drop of a hat.

“…our outfits clashed. This one’s okay, at least he’s only typing, not as disgusting as Xiao Bai.” Jian Rong said indifferently, “Stop dreaming, there’s no way I can make my voice sound like that.”

Doufu was last.

Doufu was wearing a LeBlanc cosplay that revealed quite a bit of his chest, and he had even stuffed it with fake breasts. He propped his chin up on his hand and blinked at the camera while licking his lips, causing his female fans to scream and howl out of excitement in the comments.

“Can this even be streamed?” Jian Rong frowned. “I missed the best timing, but can I still report him now.”

By the time the practice room door was pushed open, Jian Rong was in the middle of watching WZWZ’s Mini dance while wearing a crop top. Perhaps being a straight guy made Mini even more unrestrained, as he wildly shook his hips.

Hearing the door open, Jian Rong quivered and sat up straight before exiting the webpage at the speed of light, leaving only the streaming window and LoL client behind on the desktop screen.

[Me when I’m caught slacking off at school.]

[Me when someone suddenly enters the room while I’m in the middle of watching porn.]

Jian Rong first caught a whiff of the refreshing scent of peppermint toothpaste before a grayish-green pure cotton jacket with a turned-down collar appeared on his legs.

Lu Boyuan had changed into long sleeves, and he was holding coffee and bread in his hands. “Put it on.”

A bunch of question marks instantaneously floated across the barrage, followed by a screen full of “shameless” and “don’t do it”.

Lu Boyuan swept a look over the barrage. “They didn’t say he couldn’t wear a jacket, did they.”

[Why! There’s heating at the base! Why wear a jacket!!]

It was true, there was heating. But Jian Rong had always had a bad habit when training: in order to maintain a clear-headed state, the window in front of his computer was open half the time every day. Sometimes when Xiao Bai felt too cold from the wind, he would make Jian Rong close it for a while. Now that Xiao Bai wasn’t here at the base, Jian Rong could leave it open for the entire day.

Lu Boyuan: “Are you going to wear it?”

Jian Rong wore the jacket.

Lu Boyuan often wore that jacket inside the base. Jian Rong’s build was too different from his, so the jacket appeared quite large on him, and the sleeves especially were a whole section too long. Jian Rong had to drag them up a bit for them to fit.

[No more acting spoiled, and the crossdressing is half-covered too, are you sure this is a water friend benefit? Also… God Lu, could you share the link for the jacket?]

[Did you see the logo on the jacket? You can find it on the official website, don’t remember the price anymore but in any case it’s not lower than five digits.]

[That was my ignorance.]

[Scream! Son you’re so tiny!!]

[How come I feel like – it’s become even more exciting after he put on the jacket.]

[…looks a little like a boyfriend jacket (Lu fans don’t hit me I’ll punish myself with three slaps)]

[If I may be so bold, matched with that rosy blush, it gives off a “right after crossdressing play God Lu didn’t give the little dumbass any time to rest before forcing him to wear his jacket and stream”—that kind of deja vu feeling.]

[Above, what are you saying? Laozi didn’t understand.]

Jian Rong also didn’t understand.

But after a quick glance over, he felt like the comment didn’t contain anything good, so he twitched his finger and blocked that person.

Lu Boyuan logged into the game. “Invite me.”

Jian Rong turned his head and saw the still unopened package of bread on Lu Boyuan’s desk. “…not eating breakfast?”

“I’ll eat while I play, it won’t affect anything.” Lu Boyuan opened the streaming platform and hung his own account in Jian Rong’s livestream room.

Jian Rong hesitated briefly and was about to suggest that Lu Boyuan eat first while Jian Rong solo queued a game when Lu Boyuan’s party invite popped up.

Jian Rong instantly clicked accept. After selecting the roles that he wanted to play, he gave Lu Boyuan an admin position in his livestream room as they had previously agreed upon.

[You’re really such a boot-licker, son. God Lu didn’t even give you an admin position.]

[TTC ་ Xiao Bai (Mid-Blackening): I also want an admin position~]

Jian Rong didn’t even consider it. “Not for you.”

[TTC ་ Xiao Bai (Mid-Blackening): My ge didn’t send a single gift today but still gets an admin position, I’ve already sent ten Sea of Stars! Even just according to the rules, you should be giving a position to me!!]

Jian Rong nodded. “Send ten more and I’ll give it to you.”

[TTC ་ Xiao Bai (Blackened): Gu Beirong1, you’re so ruthless.]

Gu Beirong stopped paying attention to him.

They matched into a game very soon.

Lu Boyuan didn’t like to talk while eating. After he consumed two pieces of bread to fill his stomach, he glanced at the champions that the other team had banned.

Lee Sin, Nidalee, Graves, LeBlanc, Zed.

Those were all champions that he and Jian Rong frequently used.

Jian Rong also realized that. He was about to say something when he saw that the barrage was full of resentment.

[Where’s the spoiled act that we were promised? You’re really going to back out??]

[So you mean that Dad created those 20+ side accounts for nothing?]

[All bark and no bite, this time Dad is really looking down on you.]

“I…” Jian Rong wasn’t using the in-game voice chat, so he lowered his voice and said angrily, “Didn’t I already act spoiled? I’m even wearing his clothes…”


[Say that one more time? What counted as acting spoiled?]

[It turns out that you played those dozen or so videos earlier just for laozi to watch? But you didn’t learn a damn thing from them?]

[No way no way, it can’t be that there are really people who can’t tell he’s just pretending he doesn’t know how to do it in order to get out of doing the benefits?]

Jian Rong wanted to crush the person who sent that last shady message.

Lu Boyuan wasn’t looking at the stream interface as he retied the bag of bread. “They…”


Jian Rong suddenly spoke and interrupted him, his voice so quiet that it couldn’t go any quieter. It sounded as if he had called that out while suppressing some anger, and he spoke extremely quickly.

His mouse suddenly paused in the middle of choosing his champion, and Lu Boyuan was silent for a few seconds. “Mn.”

“We probably crashed cars with some acquaintances, the other side banned all of our champions…” Jian Rong covered his face, his ears bright red, and he didn’t dare to turn his head around. After a long, long time passed, he finally added the ending syllable that those dumbass water friends insisted he include: “Ne~

The high-pitched voice that he pinched out didn’t make it seem like he was acting spoiled. Instead, it sounded like he was about to be hanged.

Translation Notes

  1. So this is some meme about a webnovel in which the female lead is forced to abort her baby and she says that line above (but about Gu Beicheng, the male lead, here the author changes “cheng” to “rong”). It became popular bc of people roasting the line for being super Mary Sue. ^

Wei: Jiayou Jian Rong you can do it HAHA

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