ICDI Chapter 56: The god in every meta.

As Jian Rong took off his headphones and headed backstage, the detailed statistics from this game had already appeared on the big screen.

“En?” Commentator A was astonished. “I realized that Soft’s damage output wasn’t as low as I had imagined.”

“How else do you think this game was dragged out all the way to forty minutes? In the middle, there were quite a few team fights where he almost swept away the other side’s damage dealer.” Commentator B lamented, “Unfortunately Fighting Tiger had a Tahm Kench. Their ability to protect allies was way too strong, Soft really couldn’t cleave them down. You could tell that he was already feeling somewhat anxious at the end.”

Back at the break room, the first thing Jian Rong said was, “My fault.”

“It has nothing to do with you, I agreed and let you pick Fizz.” Ding-ge hastily comforted him before he said, “When playing against Fighting Tiger, it’s still best to fight strategy with strategy.”

Jian Rong didn’t nod or speak. If someone had to pinpoint the biggest problem in the last game, it would definitely be him.

In the first place, he wasn’t good at providing assistance. When he encountered opponents who were excellent at assists, this weak point became even more obvious.

But now wasn’t the time for blaming himself or feeling ashamed. He still needed to go back on stage and continue competing.

Lu Boyuan leaned back against the sofa, looking at the statistics from the last game. After the camera cut to the audience, he called, “Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Bai was still passionately retelling the scene of him being pursued by four people earlier. Hearing his name, he turned his head. “What’s up, ge?”

“Take a hard CC champ next round.” Lu Boyuan explained, “Jungler support duo roam.”

Jungler support duo roam, as the name implied, entailed both the jungler and support roaming, driving the rhythm of the entire map. Like this, the success rate of ganking would increase drastically, and they could also gain better vision.

This strategy was quite demanding of the ADC; after all, the ADC would need to farm by himself in the bot lane.

However, luckily Pine was very capable by himself and had no problem farming alone. As a result, the second game’s strategy was settled just like that.

The second game started soon after.

“I’ve already placed the wards. P-baby, be good in the bot lane~” Before leaving to gank with Lu Boyuan, Xiao Bai instructed like an old mother, “If the other support comes up to harass youexercise patience in a moment of anger, and you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. Remember how many times he harasses you, once I make my glorious return I’ll help you get revenge.”

Pine was playing Ezreal, a champion that was top-tier at escaping, so he didn’t need to worry about any of that. He didn’t even bother looking back as he cleared minions. “Can you hurry up and leave.”

Jian Rong was playing Syndra this round, so he had ample CC and damage in the early-mid game.

The moment Lu Boyuan sent his “on my way” ping, Jian Rong instantly flashed and knocked back his spheres, firmly stunning the enemy mid laner on the spot. Lu Boyuan, playing Elise, fired a binding spider web and jumped over, coordinating with the CC from the ult of Xiao Bai’s Leona. All the way up until his death, Da Niu wasn’t able to use his flash skill.

“TTC’s CC was linked way too beautifully.” Commentator A couldn’t help but laugh. “Da Niu probably broke his flash key from pressing it so many times.”

“Indeed.” Commentator B said, “However… Fighting Tiger is the best at gaining experience from their mistakes. Now that Da Niu has died once, he most likely won’t be so easy to gank in the next wave.”

After getting the kill, Jian Rong returned to base. Right as he left again, Lu Boyuan’s voice sounded. “Jian Rong, come with me to the top lane.”

There was a large wave of minions in the mid lane, which would be a huge loss if he didn’t clear them. In the top lane, everything was quiet as both sides farmed peacefully, and it didn’t look like anything was going to happen. If this was a normal ranked game, Jian Rong would have probably straight up blocked his teammate.

The current Jian Rong didn’t hesitate at all. He turned around and followed Lu Boyuan and Xiao Bai to the top lanethen, they caught the enemy mid laner and jungler who had circled around to gank Yuan Qian from behind.

Jian Rong had farmed better than Da Niu and he had the defensive advantage, so naturally their side won that team fight. Three people from the other team died, while they only lost a Yuan Qian.

“Three kills, but I only got an assist…” Yuan Qian said angrily, “Why is Fighting Tiger always like this? Always ganking with three people at a time, not leaving any way out, huh??”

“It’s not easy for them to get Pine with Ezreal, so of course they’re going after you.” Lu Boyuan pressed his lips together and coughed once. “They’ll probably come over again next wave, so don’t push the lane. Get the Rift Herald first.”

After Lu Boyuan helped his teammates successfully countergank twice, TTC’s advantage gradually became obvious from the mid game onwards.

But Fighting Tiger’s team fighting and coordination were as remarkable as always. They unyieldingly endured their way through three major team fights and forcefully dragged out the game to forty-nine minutes before finally making a mistake. Yuan Qian flashed in and engaged, CC-ing the enemy ADC. The remaining four people followed closely after, and after wiping out the other team, they tore down the enemy’s Nexus.

The score arrived at a nerve-wracking 1:1.

Lu Boyuan left the stage calmly. Back at the break room, he sat down lazily on the sofa, hands stuffed in his pockets. He appeared to be listening to Ding-ge analyze the next game’s pick/ban phase, but in reality, he didn’t hear a single word.

A long while later, when nobody was paying attention, he lifted a hand and wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

The intermission period was very short. Not long after, a staff member came to tell them to go on stage.

A few minutes later, both teams returned to the stage once again.

Right as Lu Boyuan sat down, the person next to him pushed over the bottled water that Lu Boyuan had placed on the table very gently using the back of his hand. 

They were forbidden from looking to the side while on stage.

Jian Rong’s gaze remained fixed on his own screen as he said lowly, “During the last game, you didn’t take a single sip of water.”

Lu Boyuan sensed the faint pain radiating from his wrist and he replied evenly, “Not thirsty.”

Actually, his throat was so dry that it almost felt like it was on fire.

But based on his previous experiences… it would best to move his wrist as little as possible.

Jian Rong frowned. “But you have a fever.”

The two of them were unaware, but their little interaction had already been captured by the camera and was being broadcasted on the big screen.

Commentator A: “Soft currently still has a lot of pressure on him, look at how his brows are furrowed.”

“After all, he was completely crushed by tactics in the first round. Anyone would feel the pressure.” Commentator B smiled. “It’s good to feel pressured, that’s the only way to improve. It seems that Soft has also already developed into a very competent pro player by now…”

The “now” ended up stuck in Commentator B’s throat.

On the broadcast screen, Road said something unknown, which first caused Soft to shut his mouth and stare blankly for a few seconds before he reached out… very naturally and picked up the bottled water next to Road’s keyboard.

He twisted off the lid before he put it back down on the table.

A very faint smile flitted across Road’s face before he picked up the bottle and drank a bit.

“Take another sip,” Jian Rong said. “During the match… I won’t be able to open it.”

Lu Boyuan didn’t respond, but he did pick it up and drink another mouthful.

After Road was done, Soft expressionlessly twisted the cap back onto the water bottle and set it down. They didn’t interact again.

The two commentators were dumbstruck at the same time.

On the LoL streaming channel


[My dumbass son was just viciously beaten up by Fighting Tiger, and now he’s also in charge of twisting open his captain’s water?]

[This is probably his punishment for being viciously beaten up, right. Not bad, I hope that God Lu properly educates this dumbass. Daddy didn’t even have the heart to watch that game’s Fizz.]

[Are Soft’s fans for real? How come I feel like you all are pretty proud of Soft losing a game?]

[As expected, Soft is only worthy of bullying those trash teams like YY. Even against Fighting Tiger, he’s like this… when they encounter PUD in the future, won’t he be beaten like a dog?]

[If my son could truss up and pummel all the other teams’ mid laners right after starting to play competitively, then the LPL’s mid laners might as well just collectively retire now. What the hell would be the point of playing professionally?]

[I also want to help God Lu open his water bottle QAQ…]

Nobody knew what was going on. Jian Rong also didn’t know what was going on. Lu Boyuan told him to twist open the lid, so he had.

The other three people in the team put on their headphones later, so they hadn’t heard Lu Boyuan and Jian Rong’s odd conversation.

Before Jian Rong could think about it any longer, the referee confirmed that there were no issues with the players or their equipment, and the game quickly entered the pick/ban phase.

Ding-ge’s expression was serious. “This round

Lu Boyuan interrupted, “Help me get Graves.”

“?” Ding-ge was startled. “Against Fighting Tiger… you’re picking Graves?”

Graves was a powerful jungler that required the support of a high economy. If necessary, he would even have to eat his teammates’ resourceshow was that any different from the Fizz that Jian Rong had used in the first game!!

Ding-ge crinkled his face. “I have no problem with you picking Graves when we’re up against a weak team, but against Fighting Tiger… give me a reason.”

Lu Boyuan: “Finish as soon as possible.”

Ding-ge: “………”

So you’re not even changing the damn script, huh.

“Ah?” Commentator A was stunned. “TTC locked in Graves? They’re going to use Graves against Fighting Tiger? Wouldn’t it be better to use a champion like Rek’Sai?”

“I’ve discovered that our LPL players just like to play Graves, he’s been picked many times already during this spring season… but this champion’s win rate is actually extremely low. From the beginning of the season till now, Graves has only won two gamesand both times with Road too.” Commentator B was puzzled. “But Fighting Tiger is a team that’s above average in terms of coordination and operations. Choosing Graves… if he doesn’t perform well, it’ll be very easy for him to become Fizz from the first game.”

After they finished picking champions, Qian switched Graves over to Road.

The last second before they entered the game, Lu Boyuan nudged his mouse and changed the Flash skill into Ignite.

The other four people: “?”

The commentators: “??”

The audience: “????”

Ding-ge, who just went offstage: “???????”

Flash could be considered the most important summoner spell in LoL. It allowed the user to move forward a short distance, and it was an exceptionally effective skill for fleeing, pursuing, and dodging.

All the way up until the game began, the two commentators were still in shock.

Commentator A: “No Flash, but… Ignite?”

“If it weren’t for Road changing it at the last minute, I would’ve thought that he brought the wrong spell…” Commentator B was stunned. “I’m a little confused by this match.”

Commentator A said hesitantly, “Perhaps it’s a new strategy created by TTC’s coaches?”

Ding-ge watched the broadcast expressionlessly and thought, Like hell it’s a new strategy.

Xiao Bai also thought that Lu Boyuan had picked the wrong spell. He cleared his throat and reminded him in a small voice, “Ge, this Ignite Graves of yours is quite fashionable, hah.”

Lu Boyuan: “Mn.”

Xiao Bai: “…”

Jian Rong opened the scoreboard and glanced at Lu Boyuan’s skills. He pursed his lips and swallowed down his questions.

Just as everyone was lost in confusion, Graves reached level 4. Then, he snuck into the enemy’s jungle, carrying his shotgun.

Lu Boyuan’s movement and trajectory were spotted by the ward that Fighting Tiger’s jungler had placed next to the river. In their voice chat, the enemy jungler promptly called for their team’s mid laner to come over.

Commentator A watched with deep concern. “It’s over, he was discovered.”

Commentator B: “It’s fine, Soft and Qian are also rushing over to provide assistance.”

“Their mid laner went over.” Jian Rong swiftly reported the position before he decisively abandoned the minions in front of him and headed towards the jungle. “I’ll be there soon.”

Yuan Qian glanced at the minimap. “I’m coming too.”

Lu Boyuan already found the enemy jungler’s position, and he said calmly, “No need, you two stay and clear minions.”

Jian Rong was startled. His mouse swayed hesitantly on his screen for a few seconds before he finally turned back around obediently.

“Soft isn’t going anymore??” Commentator A was dumbfounded. “I can’t really understand this teammate sacrificing play…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Lu Boyuan accurately locate the enemy jungler, Trundle, who still had 60% health remaining and was standing near the Krugs next to the top lane.

Knowing that his teammate was on his way over, Fighting Tiger’s jungler didn’t back off either. He approached with the intention of fighting it out with Lu Boyuan, but then—

Graves tossed out his Smoke Screen skill at the enemy jungler’s feet, followed by a simple auto-attack, Ignite, and then another auto-attack, successfully triggering Phase Rush1. A damage combo instantly stupefied Fighting Tiger’s jungler.

Fighting Tiger’s jungler looked at his little remaining health and firmly used his Flash. Graves used his E skill and dashed forward before the detonation sound of his Q skill sounded in his headphones. Fighting Tiger’s jungler watched helplessly as the Ignite symbol hanging over his head burned away the last sliver of his health—

“First blood!”

The whole combo added together didn’t take longer than ten seconds.

Da Niu hurried over just in time to see his teammate collapse. He glanced at Lu Boyuan’s health bar, which had over half remaining, and his double buffs… before he resolutely turned around and ran away.

“Beautiful!!” Commentator A shouted. “Road was very decisive in using those skills! He definitely calculated out his entire damage output in advance!”

Commentator B nodded. “Burned to death by Ignite, this Ignite was an extremely crucial choice…”

“Ignite did indeed prove crucial for this wave, but without Flash, it’s actually still quite difficult to team fight and gank in the mid-late game.” Commentator A calmed down a little. “Let’s see what happens.”

In PUD’s break room, after the first blood notification, XIU clicked his tongue and shook his head. He picked up his bag and said, “Let’s go back.”

Savior was bewildered. “Not watching?”

XIU chuckled. “There’s no point… I’ve counted before. From last year’s spring season till now, he’s never lost a single game in which he’s gotten first blood while playing Graves.”

Those who could play Graves were the overlords of the jungle in the early game. And if this champion fell into someone like Road’s hands, whose game awareness was extremely high, and he was allowed to get first blood while taking Ignite…

Hopefully Fighting Tiger’s jungler would be all right.

Ten minutes later, Fighting Tiger’s jungler was being chased by Lu Boyuan for the nth time in his own jungle.

“Did God Lu stick a ward in our jungle?” Fighting Tiger’s jungler felt weak from fury. “It’s one thing if he ganks me while I’m on my way somewhere, but he’s even waiting for me next to my monsters??”

Da Niu’s eyebrows were knitted tightly together. “Don’t run, I’m here. Counter him, don’t let him farm any longer.”

A moment later, another person was added to Lu Boyuan’s pursuit list.

Fighting Tiger’s mid laner and jungler were chased by Graves all the way from the blue buff to their own mid tower. After they were finally about to escape, Jian Rong, playing Azir, suddenly flashed up and used his ult—knocking the two of them back in front of Lu Boyuan.

“Double kill!”

“My goodness… Graves is chasing two people and fighting them by himself?!” Commentator A spluttered with excitement. “Right now, Road is one level ahead of Da Niu and two levels ahead of the enemy jungler! Road’s rhythm is truly way too terrifying, Fighting Tiger doesn’t have any ability to resist at all!”

At level 12, Graves went to the bot lane to gank Fighting Tiger’s ADC Luoluo.

With one explosive shot, half his health crumbled away.

Luoluo: “?”

Was this damage real??

The disparity in their items and levels was way, way, way too large, to the point that every time Lu Boyuan walked towards Luoluo later, the commentators would all howl—

Commentator A: “Luoluo run for it!!!”

Commentator B: “He can’t escape, Luoluo might as well take both hands off the keyboard now.”

“Just… what in the world is this…” Commentator A pondered deeply as he watched Graves destroy the enemy ADC in three shots. “Don’t they say there’s only one god per meta? Graves isn’t strong in this meta either ah…”

“Road has been the god of how many metas now, you should be used to it.” Commentator B smiled. “This game has made all the teams realize that next time when they encounter God Lu again, they should either choose a powerful champion and go all out against him, or they should ban Graves and be done with it.”

Commentator A: “Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since we’ve last seen Road’s Lee Sin. That can truly be called the god in every meta… I’m getting sidetracked. Having said that, I’ve discovered a very intriguing fact.”

Commentator B lifted an eyebrow. “What is it?”

Commentator A: “In this game, Road pilfered gold from his top lane and stole experience from his bot lane… the only lane in which he hasn’t touched a single minion is the mid lane.”

Twenty-five minutes in, Fighting Tiger decided to put everything on the line. Taking advantage of the interval during which TTC’s top and bot laners recalled to base after getting a dragon, Fighting Tiger went to steal Baron.

Instantly, the commentators grew excited again—the ward that TTC had placed near Baron had just run out a few seconds earlier.

“It’s possible it’s possible!” Commentator A said animatedly. “With this team comp, it won’t take too long for Fighting Tiger to get Baron… ss, it’s over.”

They watched as Lu Boyuan, who had just finished clearing a wave of minions in the mid lane, suddenly stopped in the middle of returning to base. Then, he crept towards the dark expanse where Baron was located—

Right as Fighting Tiger was totally immersed in stealing Baron, a despair-inducing ward was inserted into the pit with a thunk.

Da Niu clenched his teeth. “Keep going, three people from their team went back to base. We have five people here, Road won’t dare to come down.”

Indeed, Lu Boyuan didn’t go down.

Because Jian Rong charged in from the side, poked twice to steal Baron away, and then flashed and escaped.

“……………too cruel.” Commentator A wore a complicated expression, and he held back his profanity. “This is even worse than if the two of them had rushed in and wiped out all of Fighting Tiger.”

Twenty-eight minutes in, TTC grouped up and went for Fighting Tiger’s base, obtaining victory after destroying the enemy’s Nexus.

The first two rounds were both bitter struggles, but this game ended up being an overwhelming victory for TTC. After the game finished, many audience members present at the stadium still hadn’t fully recovered yet.

When Jian Rong took off his headphones, he just happened to hear Commentator A’s roar—

“Let us all congratulate TTC! 2:1! Successfully winning this spring season match!”

If someone didn’t know better, they would think that the finals had just taken place, based on the volume of the commentator’s voice.

Jian Rong rubbed his ears and was about to stand up when he turned his head and realized that Lu Boyuan was still sitting, unmoving, in his original position. Even his hands were still placed on his keyboard and mouse.

Jian Rong could faintly sense that something was wrong. “What’s the matter?”

Lu Boyuan endured the pain in his head and exhaled very lightly.

His lipstick had already rubbed off, revealing the pallid color of his lips.

“Nothing. Played for too long, a bit tired.” A few seconds later, Lu Boyuan finally moved his hands off his equipment. He stood up and said hoarsely, “Let’s go and shake hands.”

Translation Notes

  1. Phase Rush is a rune that generates a movement buff when stacking 3 skills (more or less) on a target within 4 seconds ^

Wei: God Lu is truly a god… but he needs to rest!! Take care of your man so he gets better soon JR!!

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