ICDI Chapter 73: !

Lu Boyuan’s brows furrowed before quickly relaxing again.

What kind of dream was he having.

A while later, he asked lowly in return, “Wasn’t it three minions?”

Of course, nobody answered him.

Jian Rong had just finished showering, and his arm was somewhat cool. Lu Boyuan stared off into the darkness as he felt the arm pressed against his own slowly heat up, until it maintained a very warm temperature.

Earlier that night, Ding-ge had asked him who he wanted to sleep with, or if he would rather have a guest room tidied up for him instead. Although the smell was strong, it wasn’t impossible to bear for one evening.

Lu Boyuan’s eyes were lowered as he listened to him finish speaking. Then, he picked up his pillow and threw it onto Jian Rong’s bed.

“Dumbass troll…” Due to being too exhausted, the person next to him started to ramble in his sleep unintelligibly again. “I’m your dad…”

Lu Boyuan blinked once, slowly.

“…not wearing a skirt.”

Lu Boyuan said softly, “Mn.”

“Your dad… the world’s number one mid laner.”


Lu Boyuan wanted to laugh, but then his smile froze on his face.

Jian Rong suddenly lifted a hand and placed it on Lu Boyuan’s body. Separated by a thin layer of clothing, his fingers pressed down a few times on Lu Boyuan’s abdomen, as if he was pressing the keys for his skills in game.

Lu Boyuan could even distinctly detect that Jian Rong’s skill rotation was “QRWEQ” — LeBlanc’s kill combo. In the middle of it, Jian Rong also found time to hit the key for Ignite down below.

Lu Boyuan: “…”

Lu Boyuan grabbed his wrist and moved his hand away before he stiffly sat up in bed.

He heard Jian Rong give a stupid chuckle and mumble, “Go die for your granddad…”

With this kind of attitude, it probably wouldn’t be too long until he won the S11 World Championship in his dreams.

This was Lu Boyuan’s first time realizing that someone could sleep like this. Back then, when he used to share a dorm with Xiao Bai and the rest, the worst it ever got was snores and teeth grinding.

Lu Boyuan’s breathing was a little heavy. He turned on the bedside lamp, and the weak, dusky yellow light barely managed to illuminate a corner of the room.

Jian Rong’s shirt was disheveled from sleep, exposing his long and slender neck, as well as part of a sunken collarbone. His left hand was spread out flat on the spot where Lu Boyuan was just lying down.

Half a minute later, Lu Boyuan cast his eyes downward before he reached out and pinched Jian Rong’s lips, which had been moving almost the entire night.

When Jian Rong woke up, he was still somewhat immersed in his dreams.

Most of his face was buried in his pillow, and he had somehow ended up in a starfish position in his sleep, nearly occupying the entire bed.

Jian Rong closed his eyes again, reflecting back on his earlier dream—

In his dream, he won the championship and requested his car, a black Mercedes-Benz. Fu-ge had also transferred him a big red envelope. After he finished sneering at those antis in his livestream room, he took his red envelope money and went to register for driving school. At the end, he was in the middle of arguing with the driving school instructor in the car, and they had decided to 1v1 each other…

What a good dream.

With his eyes shut, he groped around for his phone on his bed for a while. Once he found it, he brought it up to his face and unlocked it—

[Ding-ge: Auntie made some congee, and there’s soy milk in the fridge. You and Xiao Lu can eat that when you’re awake.]

After Jian Rong read that message, he was stupefied for a full thirty seconds before he sat bolt upright and tugged aside the blanket to check underneath it—apart from him and air, there was nothing else.

Where was Lu Boyuan?

Such a big Lu Boyuan, where did he go???

A crisp ding rang out from behind him.

Gripping his blanket, Jian Rong slowly turned his head.

Lu Boyuan was sitting on the ground with his knees up and his back against the wall. His pillow was thrown casually next to him, and it was unclear how long he had been sitting there already.

Jian Rong never pulled shut the thick blackout curtains in his room, so the midday sunlight streamed through the flimsy decorative curtains and beat down warmly on Lu Boyuan.

Lu Boyuan finished replying to a text before he looked up and made eye contact with Jian Rong, who was sitting on his bed with a shocked, bewildered, and helpless expression.

Jian Rong: “Why are you sitting on the floor?”

Lu Boyuan said in return: “You tell me.”

His voice sounded like he had pulled an all-nighter playing practice matches.

Jian Rong’s eyes rolled around for quite a while. “…I kicked you down?”

Lu Boyuan just watched him and didn’t reply.

Jian Rong thought that he had guessed correctly. He closed his eyes and swore in his mind. “My bad. The moment I fall asleep, my legs stop obeying me… why didn’t you wake me up?”

It was hardly just his legs that had stopped obeying him?

“It wasn’t because you kicked me.” Lu Boyuan stood up, and his legs felt a little numb from sitting for too long. He slipped his phone into his pocket. “I came to sleep down here on my own.”

“Why?” Jian Rong asked, “Did I snore?”


Right now, as long as he made up some random excuse, like he was used to sleeping alone, he could muddle his way past this.

Lu Boyuan paused for a while before he said, “Pinned down my hand.”

Their practice match was later in the afternoon that day, and Xiao Bai slept all the way until it was almost noon before he got up.

He yawned as he went downstairs. When he saw the situation on the living room couch, he forcibly stopped halfway through his yawn, and his mouth hung open comically for quite some time before he finally closed it.

He saw his ge sitting on the couch, lazily watching a match recording.

Meanwhile, their mid laner… sat cross-legged next to his ge and was in the middle of massaging his ge’s hand. At first glance, with his lowered head and careful, attentive movements, he looked like a little damn wife.

“Where does it hurt?” Jian Rong stopped his motions and grabbed Lu Boyuan’s hand. He said seriously, “Maybe it would still be best to go to the hospital, or call the doctor over to the base. I’ll pay for the house call fee and medical expenses.”

Lu Boyuan was about to say something when someone pushed open the front door to the base.

The moment Ding-ge entered the house, his eyes fell on Lu Boyuan’s hand.

When Lu Boyuan saw who had arrived, he let out a very light “tsk” in his mind.

“Told you already, it’s fine.” Lu Boyuan drew his hand back. “Let’s go eat breakfast.”

Jian Rong said anxiously, “How could it be fine?! I’m so heavy, and I pinned you down the entire night…”

Xiao Bai: “?”

Ding-ge: “???”

Lu Boyuan was also stunned for a very short moment. Then he suddenly asked, “How much do you weigh right now?”

57 kilograms1.” Afraid that Lu Boyuan wouldn’t believe him, Jian Rong said, “I just weighed myself the other day.”

“57 kilograms, like hell you’re heavy?!” Xiao Bai couldn’t keep listening. He ranted angrily as he sat down on the sofa, “You’re not even at the standard body weight and yet you go around shouting all day long about being heavy. You’re the male version of green tea2!!”

Jian Rong: “………how about I pin your hand down and test it out?”

“Then do it!” Xiao Bai rolled up his sleeves. “I can even lift you up with one arm!”

Jian Rong choked before he remembered how Xiao Bai had stolen two more of his minions in his dreams last night. He said coldly, “Shut up, I don’t want to interact with deadweight players.”

“?!” Xiao Bai laughed bitterly and fished out his phone. “I’m going to contact the Support Protection Association right now and completely destroy this little bluenette’s reputation…”

As Jian Rong was bickering with Xiao Bai, their remaining two teammates also woke up and came downstairs.

Pine sat down next to Xiao Bai and started playing on his phone, looking like he had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Yuan Qian directly threw his head back and reclined in a chair.

“Where’s Boss?” Yuan Qian asked.

Xiao Bai said faintly, “Seems like he went back.”

Ding-ge restrained the urge to interrogate Lu Boyuan. “You got up so late, why’re you still sleepy?”

“I was scrolling through a video app for too long yesterday… I’ve already uninstalled it.” Yuan Qian rubbed his forehead before he thought of something and glanced to his side. “Didn’t Xiao Rong also sleep quite late last night?”

Jian Rong said, “No.”

He also thought that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, but unexpectedly, his body’s instincts had overpowered his mind’s excitement. He had felt sleepy the moment he touched the bed.

Yuan Qian: “But around four in the morning, I was in the hallway and I saw that your bathroom light was still on.”

Jian Rong: “?”

Yuan Qian recalled, “There was the sound of water too, I thought that you were taking a shower…”

Lu Boyuan said, “That was me.”

Jian Rong looked blankly at Lu Boyuan. How come he hadn’t heard a single thing?

Yuan Qian said, startled, “Why’d you only shower at four AM? Not worried about catching a cold?”

Lu Boyuan said succinctly, “Washing my face.”

Why get out of bed at four to wash his face? Yuan Qian felt even more confused, and he opened his mouth to ask about it.

Ding-ge frowned. “Wait a minute, what were you doing out in the hallway at four in the morning and not sleeping?”

Yuan Qian: “………”

Ding-ge hit the nail on the head. “Smoking, is that it?”

“No! Impossible! I was just going to get some air!”

“You’re not good at lying at all.” Ding-ge smiled coldly, “Transfer me the money and hand over the cigarettes. Be a little more obedient, don’t follow bad examples.”

After breakfast, Lu Boyuan went to the break room by himself to make some coffee. He hadn’t slept last night, so he needed to rely on some other things in order to wake up.

Ding-ge walked into the break room and closed the door.

Lu Boyuan didn’t even need to guess to know why he was here.

Sure enough, Ding-ge instantly asked anxiously, “Your hand got pinned down? Where was it pinned, does it hurt? Don’t make coffee, I’ll take you to the hospital to get an X-ray, hurry up.”

“Doesn’t hurt.” Lu Boyuan said mildly, “It wasn’t pinned down.”

“BS, I already heard you say it.” Ding-ge furrowed his brows. “If it’s serious, maybe you shouldn’t play in the match against PUD tomorrow.”

“Told you, it wasn’t pinned down.” Lu Boyuan pressed the button on the coffee machine. “I was just teasing him.”

“It’s one regular season match, nothing more, don’t overexert yourself…” Ding-ge paused before he narrowed his eyes and asked, “What?”

“I said, I was just teasing him.” Lu Boyuan said dismissively.

Ding-ge went quiet for a moment and confirmed from Lu Boyuan’s expression that he didn’t seem to be making up nonsense.

Ding-ge was even more puzzled. “Why would you tease him for no reason?”

Lu Boyuan laughed. “You guess.”

“?” A thought flashed through Ding-ge’s mind. “So that he would massage your hand?”

Lu Boyuan didn’t reply, as if he was tacitly agreeing.

“………what, do the team’s countless licensed physiotherapists no longer satisfy you?” Ding-ge asked, “So you had to go and trick the mid laner I spent 1.4 million yuan on, whose contract next season might be worth even more than if the one and the four were flipped, into massaging your hand for you?”

Actually, Lu Boyuan hadn’t intended for Jian Rong to massage his hand. They were both professional gamers, so their wrists were all precious. For it to have happened once already was enough; he would be reluctant to have it occur again too.

But when Jian Rong had picked up his hand and clasped it between his own…

“That’s right.” Lu Boyuan lowered his eyes. “Why would a new and competitive mid laner signed for over a million yuan, who’s being watched by the entire LPL and has a boundless future ahead of him, be willing to obediently massage my hand for me?”

Ding-ge: “?”

Lu Boyuan picked up his coffee. “What do you think was going through his head.”

It was a question, but it didn’t sound like one at all. He didn’t seem to need an answer either.

Ding-ge looked completely bewildered. He thought, I’d rather know what’s going through your head right now.

They were playing against PUD the next day, so as soon as the others finished eating, they went back to the practice room.

Jian Rong went into the Practice Tool to warm up his hands. Not too long into his training, he heard Xiao Bai ramble aloud next to him, “Yup, I can only stream for a while. We have a practice match in two hours… tomorrow’s match? Of course I have faith in us!”

Jian Rong glanced at his screen. Xiao Bai was streaming.

He and Xiao Bai could be considered the two people in the team who were the most diligent about streaming.

“P-baby? He’s here, right next to me, we’re about to duo queue.” Xiao Bai covered his mouth and burped. “Ate a little too much for breakfast… P-baby didn’t finish his food, so I cleaned it up for him.”

The CP fans promptly began thoughtfully spamming gifts.

Jian Rong plugged in his earphones and started to put them on.

Xiao Bai: “Why isn’t Soft streaming… we’ve been very busy lately with our practice matches, even I don’t really stream that much anymore. Don’t worry, he’s doing pretty well. Currently, he’s already fattened up to 57 kilograms.”

[Say that one more time? Fattened up to how many kg???]

[Tell him that Dad misses him a lot, and he shouldn’t work too hard all by himself out there. If he has time, he should come back home often and visit.]

[Going to the stadium tomorrow, ask him if he can give Dad an autograph if you guys win. If you lose, I’ll stop being a dad.]

[How come Soft and Road haven’t been duo Q’ing together recently?! They only played a few games together the day before yesterday! I just started shipping this CP, did it already BE TAT!!!]

“No no no, how could it BE!” Xiao Bai swept a look at the person next to him before he cupped his hand next to his mouth and said, “They slept with each other last night!”

Jian Rong froze along with the barrage for half a second, and his face immediately burned red-hot. “I slept with your granddad!!!”


[?? Is that something you’re allowed to tell us?!]

[Damn, is it your team’s style to be this fucking open???]

[My God Lu? Slept with someone???]

[…………my son is gone?]

“Holy shit, weren’t you wearing earphones? How come you’re eavesdropping?” Xiao Bai was given a scare. “I meant—they slept together on the same bed. Of course, they didn’t do anything at all hah.”

[If they did do it, like hell they’d let you know?]

[How do you know they didn’t do anything at all, were you sleeping under their bed?]

Lu Boyuan opened the door and entered.

Jian Rong panicked even more. Fuming with rage, he enunciated, one word at a time, “Absolutely nothing happened… and we didn’t sleep together either.”

[Well certainly, whatever you say, I suppose.]

[I know you guys didn’t do anything, I’m just laying out the groundwork in advance. If the two of you really do end up doing some things together in the future, make sure to take appropriate measures and protect yourself, Daddy loves you.]

[It’s no good, I still can’t accept the fact that my son is gay, I’m going to smoke.]

[Do you think I can accept the fact that my husband is gay???]

“What are you talking about?” Lu Boyuan asked, coffee in his hand as he looked at the barrage.

Xiao Bai instantly explained, “Nothing much, just talking about how you and Jian Rong slept together last night.”

[TTC’s base is enormous, and the members definitely all have their own rooms. Why would you sleep together?]

[Forget single rooms, just in terms of empty rooms they probably have quite a few.]

[My son said that last night you two were under the blankets, purely chatting. Fucking hell, he doesn’t even bother thinking through his lies.]

[No, he said that they didn’t sleep together, meaning that God Lu slept on the ground last night.]

[What a joke, the team’s management basically worships God Lu like a deity, would they let him sleep on the floor?]

[So what exactly did you guys do last night!!]

Lu Boyuan glanced down at Jian Rong.

At that moment, Jian Rong was on the verge of soloing Xiao Bai on the spot, in real life. Sensing Lu Boyuan’s gaze, he raised his head and looked back before he could hide the vengefulness in his eyes in time.

Lu Boyuan paused for a second before he laughed and told the water friends, “Let’s just go with whatever he said.”

An extremely helpless tone of voice, like he wanted to say something but couldn’t.

After that, Lu Boyuan returned to his own computer with his coffee, leaving behind Jian Rong, who had question marks written all over his face, and the water friends, who were furiously spamming “understood” in Xiao Bai’s stream.

Translation Notes

  1. ~125 pounds ^
  2. Green tea as in green tea bitch ^

Yan: [my fellow dads who understand, comment ‘understood’] 😉

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  1. NapsInTheSun

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        ~Those who understand, comment ‘understood.’~

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