ICDI Chapter 8: Does it hurt?

After the commentators finished discussing the champions and team compositions commonly used by both teams’ players, for some reason, the topic circled back around again.

“The competition this time is definitely going to be sensational, but I’m actually still a little regretful deep inside,” Commentator A said. “I’m sure everyone would rather see two of LPL’s teams contend for the trophy on their home ground.”

Commentator B nodded. “Yes, it’s really too bad about Tank. But they’ve worked extremely hard, and even played all the way to BO5. I’m sure that next year they’ll definitely be able to adjust their condition and start out anew.”

When the commentators said that, Lu Boyuan was still looking at Jian Rong, eyes lowered, as if what they were saying had nothing to do with him.

Upon hearing Jian Rong’s reply, Lu Boyuan let out an “en” and sat upright once more while also removing his mask and hat. Since he was already caught by the cameras, there was no point in trying to hide anymore.

Jian Rong stared at his chin for a few seconds. Only when Lu Boyuan turned his head to the side to talk to Yuan Qian did he abruptly pull himself together and sit back in his chair lightning fast. 

Even though it was quite noisy around them, if he listened carefully, he could still hear what the people next to him were chatting about.

Yuan Qian and the others were talking about going to eat skewers after the competition, and they were currently discussing where to eat.

Lu Boyuan only listened, interjecting occasionally with an “anything works” or “en.”

His voice wasn’t loud, and it sounded more or less the same way it did during competition interviews. It was a little deeper than when Jian Rong had first heard it a few years ago.

Shiliu called his name, and when he didn’t receive a reply, he nudged Jian Rong with his elbow. “Jian Rong?”

Jian Rong suddenly snapped out of it. “Ah?”

“It’s starting.”

The stage lights were on in full effect, and some time ago the two teams had already gone on stage. The host was currently introducing each player to the audience.

PUD was LPL’s other powerful and rich team, and they had been extremely popular before TTC suddenly emerged out of nowhere. Last year alone, they had pulled two powerful Korean players into the team, and their team’s popularity was second only to TTC’s.

All ten players took their seats, and the atmosphere of the stadium instantly grew tense. After the pick-ban phase began, the arena was even more engulfed by shouts of “PUD.”

After the team composition was locked, Shiliu asked, “Who do you think will win?”

Jian Rong said, “Dunno.”

“Analyze a little ah. PUD’s jungler chose Jarvan, and his win rate with Jarvan has been very high. This season he only lost one match while playing Jarvan.” Shiliu paused momentarily. “Of course, I know he isn’t as strong as Road…”

“PUD’s team composition is better than HT’s.” Jian Rong interrupted him. “…if they don’t screw up in the early game, PUD will have a higher chance of winning in the mid-late game. Also, lower your voice a little, don’t disturb the people around us as they watch.”

The commentators’ voices were already so loud, who could Shiliu possibly disturb?

Shiliu gave a baffled “oh” and lowered his voice.

Yuan Qian was fully focused on watching the game when Xiao Bai suddenly tugged at his sleeve from next to him.

“Qian-ge,” Xiao Bai said, “How about you switch places with Captain?”

Yuan Qian said, perplexed, “Why?”

“Do you have the heart to make him sit with that bluenette troll!”

Hearing that, Yuan Qian couldn’t help but shoot a quick look to his right. “It’s not that bad, is it? I feel like he seems pretty well-behaved. He’s just a little brother, it should be fine.”

Xiao Bai’s eyes grew round.

He dyed his hair, he wore a scowl on his face, and he insulted people, but he was a well-behaved little brother?

At last, Yuan Qian still went to talk to Lu Boyuan about it.

Ge, do you want to switch seats?”

Jian Rong was watching the big screen absent-mindedly and unexpectedly heard that question.

He stared straight ahead and secretly pricked up his ears.

Lu Boyuan asked, “What’s the matter.”

“Nothing,” Yuan Qian said. “I can just see a bit clearer from my spot.”

Lu Boyuan didn’t move. “I can also see clearly from here.”

Yuan Qian paused for a few seconds. “Xiao Bai wants you to sit and watch with him. He said that he wants to listen to you explain the match.”

Jian Rong leaned back in his chair, his expression growing more sour.

“When we get back, Ding-ge will set up a game review.” Lu Boyuan said, “Let’s just watch the competition.”

PUD and HT were both in very good condition today. After mutually exchanging wins and losses, each side won two games, and the score was once again a nerve-wracking 2:2.

Nobody expected the competition to reach the match point game two weeks in a row. The atmosphere of the arena climbed to its peak, and when PUD went offstage to take a brief rest, the audience was still shouting their name.

“Another match point game, this is way too exciting.” Shiliu stood up. “This won’t do. I gotta empty my bladder so I can focus on watching the match in a bit. You coming?”

Jian Rong nodded and stood up with him, subconsciously moving towards the right.

But Shiliu stopped him. “Go to the left, the restroom’s that way.”

Jian Rong: “…”

He turned around and saw Lu Boyuan, whose head was lowered as he played on his phone.

A few seconds later, Lu Boyuan looked up. “Going out?”

Jian Rong: “…en.”

The seats in their row weren’t set up well, so there wasn’t a lot of space between the rows. Lu Boyuan had long legs, and even if he drew them up, he could only barely make enough room for a narrow passageway.

Jian Rong ducked his head, wanting to walk past quickly. He had just taken a single step when the audience member sitting in front of Lu Boyuan suddenly stood up and pushed his chair back, forcing Jian Rong to stop walking completely.

Jian Rong stared at his leg that was wedged between Lu Boyuan’s and thought he might as well saw it off on the spot and be done with it.

Clearly, the person in front of them hadn’t noticed what was going on behind him and had already departed with his friends. Jian Rong sucked in a deep breath and was about to backtrack when Lu Boyuan abruptly sat up straight and leaned towards him—and then stopped when he was just one handspan away from the waistband of Jian Rong’s pants.

Lu Boyuan pushed aside the chair in front of him and said, “Go ahead.”

Jian Rong tossed down a “thank you” before he sped up and passed Lu Boyuan, making his exit without glancing back once.

Right after Jian Rong left, Xiao Bai instantly said exaggeratedly, “This troll actually knows how to say thank you!”

Pine: “Do you dare to say any of this to his face or not?”

“Who wants to talk to him.” Xiao Bai said, “But he really does seem to be a fan of my ge. Did you guys see his hat? It even has my ge’s signature on it.”

Everyone else looked towards Lu Boyuan, who said indifferently, “I didn’t sign it, it’s printed.”

Yuan Qian added, “It’s probably merch from some year’s competition.”

“So many teams came today. I counted just then, besides us there are at least four other teams here.” After Xiao Bai said that, he seemed to think of something, and he said gleefully, “Right now everyone in the stadium knows that Soft is here. He’s offended so many people, I wonder if those players’ fans are gonna find him and get revenge?”

Ding-ge swatted him on the head. “Enough, stop with all the nonsense. I’m going to buy water, you come with me.”

Xiao Bai and Pine were hauled away to be water carriers. Yuan Qian’s back felt sore from sitting, and he was about to get up and stroll around a little when Lu Boyuan called out to him.

Jian Rong splashed his face twice with cold water before returning to the audience.

The night wind blowing on his face made him feel exceptionally awake. By the time he returned, the fifth match was just beginning.

Fifty-one minutes in, PUD was counterganked by HT, and unfortunately lost the match. The moment the competition ended, the girl sitting in front of them covered her face and sobbed, and even the commentators’ voices were a bit choked up.

“Ai, what a pity. They could’ve won, but they didn’t do well in the last team fight.” As they prepared to leave the stadium, Shiliu continued to sigh. “PUD’s mid-jungler duo were so compatible during the fourth game, why didn’t they use that team composition again?”

Jian Rong hadn’t been paying very close attention, so he had already forgotten who played what in PUD’s fourth game.

“Shiliu!” A call came from behind them.

They both looked back and saw TTC standing behind them.

Yuan Qian said, “Right now all the exits are crowded. We’re allowed to leave through the back door, do you two want to come with us?”

Xiao Bai looked disbelievingly at Yuan Qian. “???”

Shiliu was also startled. “Sure. My car just happens to be parked at the back parking lot too. Jian Rong, I can send you back.”

Naturally the more convenient things were, the better, so Jian Rong hesitantly agreed and turned around to follow TTC’s members.

The back door wasn’t far and a staff member who knew the way guided them, so they reached it quickly. After Ding-ge thanked the staff, the group walked down the stairs.

It started drizzling right after the competition finished, and there was an icy dampness in the air, making everyone pull their jackets tighter around themselves.

Yuan Qian peered around. “Where’s Xiao Bai?”

Ding-ge said, “Met an acquaintance, he’s over there chatting. He’ll catch up soon.”

The back exit was connected to a very long flight of stairs, and they came to a halt after descending down the stairs.

Shiliu said, “Thanks, we’ll be heading out first then. I have an umbrella in my car, should I get it for you guys?”

“No need, our bus is about to get here.”

After Yuan Qian said that, he saw Xiao Bai exit the back door and swiftly walk down the stairs. He couldn’t help but warn, “Xiao Bai, slow down a little. It just rained, so the steps are really…”

Before he could finish, Xiao Bai slipped precisely on the second step from the bottom and fell straight towards the person standing in front of him, his face paling. “Holy shi—”

Jian Rong felt like a meteorite had smashed right onto him.

Something crashed into him without any warning whatsoever, making him stumble and lose his balance, falling forward.

When the person in front of him heard the noise, he looked over, and Jian Rong’s heart leaped. He didn’t have any time to change his trajectory, and he collided straight into that person.

Lu Boyuan hadn’t zipped up his jacket, and the sweater he was wearing underneath had a soft texture to it. Jian Rong could smell the scent clinging onto the sweater; the fragrance was very faint, and it was unclear whether it was the smell of soap or shower gel.

In order to maintain his balance, Lu Boyuan lifted a hand and hooked it around the back of Jian Rong’s neck briefly, allowing the two of them to finally regain their footing.

Before Jian Rong could recover, Lu Boyuan had already removed his hand. He asked, “Does it hurt?”

Jian Rong could feel Lu Boyuan’s chest vibrate as he spoke, and as if he were electrocuted, Jian Rong instantly lifted his face away from Lu Boyuan’s clothing and moved back a few steps. First he shook his head before he said stiffly, “It doesn’t.”

Nobody was there to catch Xiao Bai, and he fell flat on his face. At least Jian Rong was there to cushion him halfway, or else he probably would’ve seen blood.

He stood up and immediately looked at Jian Rong. “Sorry, sorry! The steps were too slippery, so I lost my balance. Did I hurt you?? I’ll take you to the hospital to get it checked out…”

Seeing that Xiao Bai looked like he was about to come over and inspect his condition, Jian Rong promptly stepped back.

“No need,” Jian Rong said. “Stay away from me.”

Xiao Bai: “…”

After Jian Rong left with Shiliu, Xiao Bai patted his chest, still spooked.

Upon recovering, he said with a bitter expression, “I crashed into him so hard just then, Soft is definitely going to hold a grudge. He’s going to do his best to slander me for sure in the future.”

Yuan Qian comforted him. “He won’t.”

“He absolutely will! Did you guys see what he looked like just now?” Xiao Bai wailed, “He was so pissed off by me that his face turned red, just like a tomato… even with all those haters cursing him day in day out in his stream, he’s never gotten so pissed off that his face has turned red before!!”

The author has something to say:

That’s right, you’re finished.

Yan: Hahaha poor Xiao Bai. Too petty to let Jian Rong off the hook, but too cowardly to do anything about it. I’m sure Jian Rong’s face wasn’t red because of you though, Xiao Bai, so at least you don’t have to worry about that huhuhu

Wei: Jian Rong is so nervous around Lu Boyuan it’s sooo cute. Don’t worry Xiao Bai, I’m sure Jian Rong is secretly happy he got to interact with his idol hehe

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