ICDI Chapter 85: These are Road’s exclusive runes.

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When he woke up the next day, Jian Rong was instantly greeted with a flood of WeChat group messages on his phone.

[Ding-ge: When you guys are up, post a movie impression on your Weibos, give it some publicity.]

[Pine: It’s about to stop showing in theaters, what’s the point of giving it publicity? When it just started airing, didn’t we already forward their Weibo posts?]

Jian Rong rubbed his eyes.

[R-ong: I didn’t forward anything.]

[Ding-ge: I logged into your account and forwarded it for you. I’ve told you this before, can’t you pay more attention to the messages I send in the group chat?!]

[Ding-ge: It’s not showing in theaters anymore, that’s true, but isn’t it about to go online as a pay-to-watch movie? So they still need a lot of publicity. But this time, the box office has already exploded anyway, so we’re just gilding the lily.]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: Then why didn’t you just help write the movie impression for us while you were at it.]

[Ding-ge: Why don’t I just go on stage and help compete for you all?]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: …]

[R: What to write]

[Ding-ge: Hype it up a bit, or if you have any opinions, feel free to voice them—remember at all costs, only praise, no negativity!!!]

[Ding-ge: Why did you change your profile picture too.]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: Ge, you got a cat?]

[R: No]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: Then who’s the cat in your profile picture?]

[R: My daughter-in-law]

 Originally, Jian Rong intended to laze in bed for a little longer.

But when he saw that message, he got out of bed and pumped his fist in the air before he expressionlessly whistled and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

The group chat was still asking Lu Boyuan where his daughter-in-law came from, and who the son was.

As Jian Rong was brushing his teeth, he couldn’t resist inserting a few emoticons to make his presence known.

[Yuan Qian: What breed is this cat, a ragdoll?]

[R-ong: [nodding dumbly.jpg]]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: So cute!]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: It’s even cuter if you compare it to that cat in Jian Rong’s profile pic.]

[R-ong: ?]

[R-ong: What’s wrong with my profile pic?]

[P-Baby’s Little Support: Ugly]

Jian Rong wanted to speak up on behalf of the little orange cat, but he gave up on that idea after he cast a look at his profile picture.

Let them say whatever they want.

In any case, no matter how ugly Little Orange was, he was still the father of the babies in the little ragdoll’s stomach.

[Ding-ge: You’re back from your check-up?]

Jian Rong paused in the middle of his teeth-brushing. Before he could ask anything, Ding-ge withdrew the message at the speed of light.

[P-Baby’s Little Support: Ah? Ge, your hand’s been hurting again?]

[Ding-ge: …]

[R: No, ordinary check-up.]

[Yuan Qian: Then will you still make it back in time for the practice match this afternoon?]

Lu Boyuan had just returned to the base and didn’t feel like typing, so he casually took a picture from where he was sitting on the sofa and sent it in the group chat, indicating that he was already back at the base.

The auntie walked out from the kitchen and looked startled upon seeing him. “Oh my, Xiao Lu, you went to get a check-up? Wasn’t tomorrow the date of the check-up? I didn’t come in early today, did you eat breakfast? How about I fix something up for you right now…”

There was a hasty clatter of footsteps. Lu Boyuan glanced in the direction of the staircase before he said to the auntie, “We have a match tomorrow, so I went in advance today. I ate outside, if you could just make him some food instead.”

Jian Rong came downstairs before he could dry his face, so there were still droplets of water dripping from his chin.

Lu Boyuan was sitting in a relaxed way, his hands resting next to his legs. “Come here.”

Jian Rong walked over and subconsciously wiped the back of his hand against his chin. A few seconds passed, and he wiped his mouth too.

“What’s wrong with your hand…” Jian Rong frowned and peeked around him before asking, “Did I hold it too tight last night?”

Lu Boyuan blinked. He lifted his hand and said, amused, “This is made of flesh, not glass, it won’t break no matter how long you hold it.”

Jian Rong also felt like this question of his was a bit stupid. “What did the doctor say?”

“The same old thing. But it’s been recuperating well, so I can practice for an hour longer from now on.”

Smelling a faint peppermint fragrance, Lu Boyuan swept a look at Jian Rong’s jaw and neck from the corner of his eye.

Jian Rong was completely oblivious. “That’s good then.”

Jian Rong let out a sigh of relief and could finally spare the energy to tidy up his shirt collar, which accidentally got wet when he was washing his face.

He bent over and picked up a few napkins from the coffee table before he leaned back against the couch and tugged up his collar. Ducking his head, he casually swiped at the drenched fabric a few times.

It was spring now in Shanghai, and the temperature during the day was just right. Recently, Jian Rong had taken to only wearing a thin and loose short-sleeved T-shirt in the base.

Jian Rong’s movements were quite careless. Lu Boyuan unexpectedly glimpsed an expanse of dazzling pale skin, causing his brows to give a sudden twitch.

The base’s front door was abruptly pushed open. When Ding-ge saw them, he instantly asked, “Where’s the movie impression? Everyone else posted theirs already, only you two haven’t!”

Lu Boyuan withdrew his gaze. 

Jian Rong released his shirt collar. “I’ll do it soon.”

The auntie’s voice floated over from the kitchen. “Xiao Rong, should I put your breakfast on the dining table for you?”

Jian Rong didn’t want to trouble the auntie, so he stood up. “No need, I’ll take it to the practice room and eat there.”

Seeing that their mid laner was eating properly at last, Ding-ge nodded in satisfaction before he looked towards the couch—

And just happened to see Lu Boyuan cast a frosty glance at him.

Before Ding-ge could react, Lu Boyuan tilted his head back against the couch headrest, picked up the hat lying next to him, and covered his face with it.

After Lu Boyuan changed clothes, he was called into the meeting room by Ding-ge and still wasn’t out by the time Jian Rong was done eating breakfast.

Jian Rong opened the game accelerator and finally logged into his Korean server account after repeatedly trying several different passwords.

He adjusted his webcam a bit before he started streaming.

[Hot damn, how come you’re playing on the Korean server?]

[Wasn’t this account locked?]

[Locks for flaming only last 3 days.]

[I joined this livestream room pretty late, this is actually my first time seeing the little dumbass play on the Korean server.]

[Speaking of which, aren’t the other pro players all on the Korean server? How come Soft kept staying on the Chinese server?]

[Why else? It’s because he’s trash, the Korean server is too strong, he can’t win there.]

“When your dad climbed up to rank one on the Korean server, you didn’t even know how to use a keyboard yet.” Jian Rong said coldly, “Don’t like playing on the Korean server.

“Why? …no particular reason, it’s hard to communicate, the difficulty level is average, the champions’ dialogue doesn’t sound nice. Every single announcement ends with seumnida, seumnida. After playing on that server for two days, even my dreams were filled with seumnida, too annoying.

“Why am I playing there now… a requirement from the coach.”

Jian Rong checked his rank.

If an account didn’t play ranked for a long period of time, it would enter a grace period before continuously losing points and even dropping tiers. However, Shiliu had borrowed his Korean account half a year ago, which was why his current rank was still Diamond 2.

Jian Rong selected his roles before entering matchmaking. After that, he gave his livestream room a new name.

[TTC ་ Soft – Climbing to KR server rank 1 on stream.]


[Each person’s dream flying higher than the last.]

[Someone who didn’t freaking know better would think that you had 1,500 LP in Korean Challenger]

[How about you get in Challenger first, and then you can come tell Dad that you’re aiming for KR server rank 1, ok?]

[A tiny dumbass, an enormous dream.]

[Fake title, reported.]

“Are you all reporting goblins or something…” Jian Rong sneered, “Have your horizons narrowed because I haven’t been streaming that much lately? It’s rank one on the Korean server, that’s all, I can climb up there as I please. Just watch.”

Jian Rong’s hidden account ranking was high. Even though he was Diamond 2, once he queued into a game and looked at the other players’ rankings—apart from the ADC, everyone on the other team was Grandmaster.

The dad fans felt a bit concerned about this game.

[Came in when I saw the stream title, climbing to KR server rank 1?? What’s Soft’s Korean account? I just scrolled through the top 50, I didn’t see this ID.]

[Perhaps you should go check the Diamond rankings instead?]

[Rank one on the Korean server? The LPL player who currently has the highest rank on the Korean server is only in the top 20, right? Have you TTC players fallen to the point where you have to use this kind of title to attract water friends??]

[Oh my, a Squid fan, I’ve been waiting for you dumbasses for so long!]

[Even if my son left the stream title completely blank, he would still be more popular than those useless pieces of trash from your team. Isn’t that infuriating.]

Just as the barrage was at the height of their quarreling, they heard a thunk as Jian Rong locked in Yasuo.

The champion Yasuo was also known as “Happy Wind Man1.” His E skill allowed him to endlessly dash between monsters, enemies, and enemy minions while also dealing damage.

No matter how low my health is, or what the situation of the game is like, as long as you give me a wave of minions, I can definitely outplay—this was the firmest belief in the hearts of all players who were experienced at playing Yasuo.

Want to experience dying like the wind? Then pick Yasuo!

Lost your passion for LoL? Then pick Yasuo!

Want to enthusiastically interact with your teammates? Then pick Yasuo!

When this champion was chosen, the barrage froze for a second.

[…………you fucking unfilial son, laozi flamed those dumbasses for that long, just waiting for you to explode the entire match and grind over their faces! You’re really something, ah, you go and pull out a Kindergarten-suo instead???]

[Is that Squid fan I was arguing with earlier still here? Come out, let’s reconcile.]

[Announcement! Announcement! The stream title is solely reflective of the dumbass streamer’s personal behavior, it has nothing to do with the water friends!]

[Although the icon for being his stream’s diehard fan is attached to my username, I reallyyy have nothing to do with him.]

[Dumbass darling bravely fly! This game Dad won’t follow bye.]

“Who the hell asked you all to follow me.” Jian Rong fixed his runes. “Don’t be in such a rush to reconcile with the Squid fans, Dad is gonna go on a massacre this round.”

Actually, it was normal for the fans to feel like this game was done for. Those who would pull out Yasuo in the higher tiers were already messing with their teammates’ minds; what’s more, this was the Korean server. The majority of people believed that the Korean server’s Grandmaster tier was equivalent to the Chinese server’s Challenger tier. To top it off, Jian Rong hadn’t played Yasuo in a very long time, so of course everyone thought that his chance of winning this game wasn’t high.

So when Jian Rong’s Happy Wind Man went to gank bot at level 7 and got three kills with a flurry of E’s, gifts already began to occupy his entire screen.

At level 13, Jian Rong was by himself with his minions when four people from the opposing team jumped out from the bushes to gank him.

Jian Rong turned tail and ran. Three seconds later, he suddenly flashed to the right—not only was this flash completely useless for the purpose of escaping, it even brought him a tiny bit closer to the enemies.

Before the water friends could spam their “fucking noob,” “what kind of dumbass play,” and similar comments, they saw Yasuo blow a gust of wind behind him—gathering up all four enemy players.

He followed up with his ult and Ignite, directly oneshotting the ADC. Then, he E’d between the remaining three players and auto attacked. The enemy support had this outplay rubbed right in his face, causing him to miss every single one of his skills.

—“Quadra kill!”

Yasuo, who killed four people, sheathed his blade and recalled back to base in an extremely confident and carefree manner.

In the video, the teenager wore a calm expression, while the water friends in the stream filled the screen with their astonishment.

[The Koreans are all shocked hahaha both teams keep spamming question marks all over the place!! Feels too good!!]

[That Squid fan who was just arguing with me, come out right now]

[No way no way you all get so cocky after just winning a Grandmaster game? Have you never won before?]

[Are you a dog? As soon as someone calls for you, you come out?]

[Who knows if I’ve ever won before, but everyone knows that Squid has lost 11 times in a row in the regular season~~]

[If the Yasuo play rate increases in the next few days on the domestic server, nobody here is blameless.]

[Dumbass darling is super great! Mommy kiss kiss!!!]

[Son, fly high, Dad’s already refilled his money. Once you reach rank one on the Korean server, I’ll send you a Meteor Shower.]

After twenty minutes, the opposing team simply and efficiently chose to surrender.

Jian Rong rejected the friend requests that came flocking in. “Sure, I’ll remember your ID. Keep your gift and wait, don’t give it to another streamer, I’ll come accept it after I climb to rank one.”

In the span of one short game, Jian Rong’s stream popularity skyrocketed to the top of the platform.

Jian Rong didn’t waste any time and immediately entered the next game.

This time, he got jungler.

If Jian Rong had to pick one role that he couldn’t play very well, then it would undoubtedly be jungler. When he was playing as a mid laner, he already wasn’t fond of providing assistance, which was something even more necessary for a jungler, who had to run all over the map.

Jian Rong pulled up an online translator and typed in, “Give me mid, I’ll carry.” He copied the translation results into the game and hit send.

His mid laner teammate replied with a decisive [no].

[If you just flat out say you don’t know how to play jungler, they’ll give it to you.]

“Who says I don’t know how?” Jian Rong didn’t feel like fiddling with the online translator anymore. “I’m an all-rounder.”

When Jian Rong’s turn to pick his champion rolled around, he took quite a while to choose. Upon spotting a certain champion, he abruptly remembered that this account had skins.

As a result, he shifted his mouse and selected Lee Sin.

[You know how to play this?!]

“I’ve played him a bit before.”

[Played a bit before = don’t know how.]

[That’s true. If he did know how to play him, this dumbass would’ve already bragged his way into the sky by now.]

Jian Rong ignored them. He chose Lu Boyuan’s championship skin before he opened the “One-Click Rune Setup” function provided by the LoL gaming assistant. This function supplied players with numerous rune sets used by top players.

Jian Rong picked a random “S11 Lee Sin Jungle Best Runes” set and swapped it out for himself.

A few seconds later, Jian Rong raised an eyebrow and pulled up the function again.

The third set was called “Road’s Lee Sin Jungle Exclusive Runes.”

Jian Rong blinked and nonchalantly switched to this set.

[What, is “S11 Lee Sin Jungle Best Runes” not worthy of Your Highness?]

[Wait a sec, aren’t these two sets the exact same???]

[Don’t ask, the answer is that he likes the name of this set.]

Jian Rong guiltily averted his eyes. “…were these two sets the same? Didn’t notice. Ai, why are you guys so annoying? Even when I’m just changing out my runes, you all have to waste so much time over it…”

Before Jian Rong could finish speaking, countless “!!!” and “ahhh” suddenly floated across the barrage.

Baffled, Jian Rong was about to ask what they were screaming foolishly about now, when someone gripped his hand over his mouse.

Lu Boyuan had also changed into short-sleeves, and his palm felt slightly cool as it covered the back of Jian Rong’s hand. Lu Boyuan controlled Jian Rong’s hand and moved the mouse to open the rune page, helping him reselect the runes.

Save, apply.

Lu Boyuan withdrew his hand and straightened up before he very casually ruffled Jian Rong’s hair a few times. He said, “These are Road’s exclusive runes.”

Translation Notes

  1. Chinese nickname for Yasuo – basically from what I know, Yasuo is this super controversial hated champion (or maybe just Yasuo players lol). This nickname stems from the idea that “even if your entire team hates you or you keep dying, you’ll still feel happy playing yasuo” ^
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